Bismillah Hir Rahman Ir Raheem

Peace and blessings be upon you all

Today, I’d like to tell you about an NGO I’ve recently came across and will volunteer for, along with my fellow classfellows, to spread awareness, help raise funds and connect our hospital’s patients to this foundation.

26-D, Basement, Kashmir Plaza ,Blue area, Parade Ground Metro Subway, G-6/3 Blue Area, Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory

Chal Foundation is an NGO that provides custom-made prosthetics to disabled people such as amputtees, orthotic devices that provide support to the body and wheelchairs to people such as paraplegic or who have spinal cord injuries. It came into being since the 2005 earthquake, the largest recorded earthquake in Pakistan. When the team came to provide aid to the victims of the earthquake, they came across even more people who were disabled long before the earthquake. They led difficult lives, trying to make ends meet or barely being able to leave the house. Through this awareness of the situation in Kashmir and surrounding areas, a plan was made to open this Foundation to provide aid to these victims to help them lead capable, independent lives.

They have centers located all across Pakistan; Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi, Muzaffargarh, Quetta, Besham, Balakot, Battagram, Bagh and Swabi, and are partners with many organisations, such as ICRC.

“To ensure innovative, exceptional and coordinated care as well as sustainability of appropriate rehabilitation services for persons with disabilities in Pakistan and facilitate their integration in mainstream society. We aspire to provide rehab services to the nearest locations possible for people in need by establishing a Model Rehab Centre at each District.”

Mission Statement of Chal Foundation

We are planning to open a chapter of Chal Foundation in out college so we went over there for an introductory meeting, where it was explained to us what this foundation is about and what their plans are. We saw the process from the assessment room, to the making and refining of the prosthetics, and finally to the gym room where patients are giving physiotherapy to make themselves comfortable with the prosthetics. The aim of opening this chapter is to increase awareness of this foundation and to provide the poor in-coming patients of the hospital my college is associated with, the opportunity to receive free prosthetics as hospitals do not provide such services, which was a shock for me. They are suggested and referred to institutions such as Chal but even so, the cost isn’t always ideal for every population.

On Saturday, we represented Chal Foundation at Kareem Khan Afridi Welfare Foundation‘s Walk/Run to celebrate International Overdose Day. The patients of the foundation attended the function as well and we set up a stall at the function, at Shakarparian Open Air Theatre, through which we could inform the participants about this cause.

Below are some highlights of KKAWF’s Walk/Run for a Better World, along with a couple of snaps I took of the stall of Chal Foundation we set up at the function.

Christina Von Sperling addressing the audience

Chal Foundation – Empowering the Differently-abled People of Pakistan

Chal Foundation Stall

For further information, check out Chal Foundation’s website and Facebook page and if you possess the means, don’t hesitate in donating to this humble cause:



By Andale Seaworne

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