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PROJECT 365 2019 – WEEK 6

Bismillah Hir Rahman Ir Raheem

Hey, everyone!! This week was quite hectic for me. Too much was happening in little time. Along with intense studies, we had two group projects to do and tasks involving groups can get hectic and sometimes annoying.

I couldn’t keep track of what picture I took on which day so they may not be specific to the day I mention.

Sunday, 3rd Feb

In college, we have Small Group Discussions or SGDs for short where our group of around 108 students are divided into 8 groups who revise their concepts of the chapter studied according to the Learning Objectives shown above, with a facilitator. We are then graded out of 10 in a log book based on our participation.

It’s best to properly go through the topic. If that’s not possible, then just say anything that you know often so that the facilitator knows you’ve learnt something. That helps in learning also.

Monday, 4th Feb

I got my first punishment in college for coming 5 minutes late in class. My whole personality was generalised and future was predicted by our professor based on that fact. But atleast I wasn’t alone. A lot of girls and boys also stood with me at the back of the class. Even our Class Representative! I’m starting to pity that poor dude.

Tuesday, 5th Feb

Let’s see another view of my beautiful city!

Wednesday, 6th Feb

We’ve finally come down to a conclusive diagnosis for our PBL: mesentric ischemia. Now we have to present our diagnosis and the purpose behind choosing it.

Thursday, 7th Feb

We have a Mehfil (function) today. Students from my batch and seniors sang songs and spoke Urdu poetry. A batchmate even beat-boxed and it was amazing! Zamad Baig, winner of Pakistan Idol also came, but in my opinion, our performers were more entertaining.

Especially the part where the boys from my batch starting bhangra dancing in a circle together, as Pakistanis do 😁

I got free tea from Islamabad tea and it was really good. I had rice and chicken tikka as well.

Friday, 8th Feb

My group and I made a poster describing how the future of medicine could be. We chose three ideas: an app that could be used for diagnostic purposes, like blood glucose and pressure monitoring, detecting viruses and cancer cells, etc. The other was use of capsules that could maintain telomere length in chromosomes to prevent aging. The third idea was bioengineering used to make a heart graft that could help repair and regenerate heart muscle, which is as close to a living tissue as possible.

Then we added a picture of out group as we are the brightest Future of Medicine.

We presented out ideas to all the professors who came to see.

Saturday, 9th Feb

I played a good game of Volleyball with my batchmates on Friday and this was the after effect. Today is Saturday and many spots have turned purple. But I played well and had fun.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

So that was my lovely week. How was yours? Do share ur experiences in the comments.

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By Andale Seaworne

20. Pakistani. Muslim. People call me tubelight. Life is a roller coaster life but if you focus on the ups in life and have faith, life will be beautiful
Thoughts about things happening in everyday life stored in bubbles, waiting for the right time to burst out 😊
Loves McFlurry, Cheese and every food except green chilli, yoghurt, wasabi and humus 😎
Loves books and learning new things
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Helping out those in need
Holding no expectations, making no comparisons. We are all people of many colours. Accept us for who we are without labels

18 replies on “PROJECT 365 2019 – WEEK 6”

I find it really interesting to read about your studies! My son is 15 and he hopes to study medicine when he leaves school. It does seem very harsh that your tutor reacted in such a way to you being only five minutes late!

Liked by 1 person

Yeah it’s starting to get hectic but i try to make it as simple as possible. I just take a picture a day from Sunday to Saturday. Then I put up the blog post on Saturday when i’m free.
Yeah working hard but still need to do more. Thank you soo much, Kim! 😁


Yeah, we were all committed but quite lazy. Yeah maybe she was having a bad day. I agree with why she lectured us about getting late but not when she carried it too far. Yeah, u feel good when ur in a group in that situation 😁


You will be busy trying to study, blog and live as well.
Your tutor sounds a bit harsh, but maybe ours are just to lenient.
I am rather surprised you study in English, I did not realise this was the spoken language.
No point in preventing ageing as the world would get to crowded.

Liked by 1 person

Yeah, trying to keep a balanced life.
Yeah, there are a mix of professors, some lenient some harsh and some in between.
Yeah, urdu is the national langauge but english is the official medium for education.
Hahaahha true


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