Project 365 2019 – WEEK 39

Bismillah Hir Rahman Ir Raheem

Peace and blessings be upon you all

Sunday, 22nd September

There’s nothing like a wholesome Sunday meal of Steak, vegetables, fries and cutlets. Courtesy of my Madre.

Monday, 23rd September

I had khao suey with an addition of nuts, giving it a nice crunchy texture.

Tuesday, 24th September

Today, we learnt how to measure blood pressure alongside the help of Lab Tutor. The way you do it is that you strap the patient’s arm above the elbow with a cuff and place the stethoscope at the brachial artery.

Then you use the pump to increase the pressure in the cuff till 180-185mmHg. After that, you immediately open the valve a little to allow air to seep out. When the pressure reaches 50mmHg, you open the valve completely and remove the cuff. This is similar to manually measuring blood pressure using a meter but Lab Tutor records all the information in a graphical form so that you can determine systolic pressure (highest arterial pressure) when blood flow is turbulent, and you hear periodic beats till diastolic pressure (low arterial pressure) approaches when blood flow becomes laminar and you stop hearing beats in the stethoscope. The graph that appears is drawn above.

Wednesday, 25th September

My weekday breakfast.

Thursday, 26th September

Today after college, I attended an event I came across on Facebook related to Climate Action. Since there are protests occuring all over the world, convincing world leaders to take a stand against climate change, I decided to find out what our country is doing and planning to do to fight climate change.

Since our PM Imran Khan is talking about climate change in many platforms and has carried out a scheme, Billion Tree Project in KPK and has planted trees here in the Capital too. He has encourage everyone to do so as well and many have done so.

After attending this event, I realized although our country hasn’t contributed much to greenhouse gases, we are the 7th country in the world that will be greatly effected by climate change. Currently, excessive rain for days has flooded Karachi, a coastal city, and on the other end, many people have died there from heat stroke. In the Capital, it’s September and we’re not wearing sweaters. However, our government and the public have taken matters into their own hands to preserve our climate as much as we can. I’ll tell you all about it in a blog post soon.

Until then, fight against climate change.

Friday, 27th September

Our PM Imran Khan gave an amazing speech at the United Nations General Assembly, addressing the issues of Islamophobia, climate change, corruption and the plight of Kashmir while reminding the UN of the threat it will face when two nuclear armed countries are face to face. I hope the UN can actually do what the UN was made to do after the Holocaust of 1945.

You can watch his speech here:

Saturday, 28th September

I hit my pinky toe hard on the wall yesterday and it has turned from pink to purple today and a little blue at the junction between my two toes. It hurts a bit while walking and when I twitch my toe but it’s nothing major. I hope it improves soon.

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