Well, my blog title says enough. I wish all the Muslims out there a Happy Eid Mubarak!!!

May all the hardwork you put into Ramadan pay off,

may all your sins be forgiven,

may all your righteous deeds be accepted and enhanced by Allah, may you be content and happy by what Allah has given you in life,

may you have the strength to bear all the hardships in life with vigour and faith,

May your faith never falter or diminish. May it strengthen by everyday

May you never despair of the Mercy, Grace and Love of Allah

May you and your families live a long and blessed life

Inshallah 😁😁

& SubhanAllah, Wa Alhamdulillah, Wa La Illaha Ilallah Wa Allah hu Akbar for all the happiness, joy, struggles, pain, comfort and hope Allah has given me. May we all be proud Muslims

Ameen 😊😊