Project 365 2019 – WEEK 48

Bismillah Hir Rahman Ir Raheem

Sunday, 24th November

Enroute to Lahore. I have one week of vacations left before college starts again so my family decided to travel and visit my grandmother, sibling and our families who live here. Here’s a click taken while travelling on the motorway.

Monday, 25th November

We visited my sibling in NCA (National College of Art). My sibling gave us a tour around the c0llege, showing students working on a variety of work from fine arts to textile to print making. It was quite exciting and the final year’s thesis is coming up so they are all preparing all day for it.

Tuesday, 26th November

I visited a few of my friends from A-Levels at Big Moe’s. One friend decided that we go here. It had a nice 80s theme but the burgers were okay but the onion rings were terrible! However, it felt great visiting all my friends, catching up on each others’ college lives.

Wednesday, 27th November

I got Macaroons!!! I have tried a few macaroons from a few places but the biscuit wasn’t that impressing. However, a cousin of mine runs a bakery called Floofies and they make amazing customised cakes with fondant used in multiple shapes for e.g to make a cake of Coca Cola with Coke streaming out of it, biryani, etc. and realy tasty macaroons which has a lovely crisp yet soft biscuit. If you’re in Lahore, try them out!

Thursday, 28th November

I went for an outing with my sibling and Mama’s friends at Reena’s Kitchenette in X-Block, DHA. I had a Vietnamese style Oriental Bowl with Peach Iced Tea.

Friday, 29th November

Enroute back home to Islamabad. I tried to get a good click of the lovely sunset as we approached the Salt Range but this will have to do.

Saturday, 30th November

I’ve started reading this book at the start of the week which Mama recommended to me. It’s quite an old book but without telling much, it’s a story about two architects making their way in the world and it focuses on the concept of Objectivism. What that is, I’ll find out soon.

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