Blink, and infinite particles have scattered into more infinite arrangements,

colliding in their own cataclysmic ways, with uncertain destinations,

Blink, and dewdrops spring from your eye lashes as they join the rain,

united and falling in a smooth trail,

Blink, and the darkness you engulf yourself in is a momentary cocoon from the daunting world out there,

but the caterpillar must turn into a butterfly,

Blink, and the sunshine bathes your eyes once again,

enchanting you in its warmth and fuzziness,

Blink, and the book you were reading or the movie you were watching reaches and epic plot twist,

you take a few more blinks to process the change in reality,

Blink, and millions are born to join this safe haven of an Earth,

staring widely and curiously into their mothers loving eyes,

Blink, and millions of people lay in bed as they breathe their last breath

waiting patiently, to great death like their closest friend

But hold your eyes closed for a couple of more seconds, my child,

and the world is in chaos or eternal bliss

Flowers bloom and a seeds grows into forests,

while endangered animals flee with every fabric in their body to live another day

In one corner of the world, a father plays tag with his little angel,

While at a different corner, a father, turned blind with tragedy and rage, sends his little angel back to the heavens

Accords form. Truth has arrived. Falsehood has perished,

Fights and unrest emerge. Friends become enemies. Justice becomes as rare as reconnecting a severed head,

A boy has become a man, reaching the epitome of his career,

blinking uncontrollably to shield tears from the reality that a man can still be a boy,

Words alligned in beautiful sentences cause hearts to bloom,

a slip of the tongue shatters all the beauty it once created


But don’t wallow in sorrow, my child, neither should you grieve,

this world is an absolute wonder, of so many moments

All the joy and sorrow can be achieved if you wish and strive for it,

All you need is a blink of an eye to set the course in motion

Daily Prompt – Blink