We all have been given our own special cauldrons. Some, and most of them deep black in colour. Some with plastic stickers or green leaves and flowers or as blue as the ocean. All different yet the same.

We are all given our cauldrons to create ourselves as soon as we are born. Who we are. What makes us us. There are different perspectives as to whether the cauldron is empty when we get it, if we follow the psychodynamic and behaviorist perspective of behavior i.e that we enter this world with a clean state and our behavior and personality is due to learning and experiences.

But it could be contain a bit of potion if we inherit traits from our parents and their parents and those before them. According to scientific study, the foundation of a person’s personality is formed in the first five years of his life. After which his personality is difficult to change.

So at the age of a baby, we are playing around making ‘The Potion’, adding 1 cup of innocence, 1/2 cup of arrogance, 3 cups of love and 5 cups of intense sensitivity or emotions. This is an example of the cauldron made by a baby. As he grows till 5, you can check his cauldron and see what he emphasises most in his life. Whether it is innocence, arrogance or sensitivity.

As the child grows into a toddler, a bit before being 5 years old, he becomes aware of his surroundings. He becomes aware of what he can achieve and what he cannot. So he makes adjustment to his cauldrons. He reduces the concentration of intense sensitivity by distilling it out to 2.5 cups equivalent. He adds in more components such as 1 cup of bravery, 2 cups of feistiness, 1/2 cup of kindness, 1/2 cup of respect, 3-4 tablespoons of strong resolve, 2 tablespoons of intellect, 2-3 tablespoons of arrogance, 3 cups of love and 2 cups of passion. And, as is expected….3 cups of adrenaline.

When one is a toddler, the components of the potion are not mixed well so each of the components spring out to express themselves separately On the exterior, it is defined as ‘sudden shifts of mood’. This is explained when a toddler who is initially hyperactive and jolly will suddenly start crying when he does not get what he wants. So the adrenaline component of the potion is subdued and the emotional component is springing out to express itself.

As the toddler reaches the golden teenage years, a few more adjustments are made. Such as 2 cups of bravery, 2 (or 1/4 cup) of respect and kindness, 4 cups of strong resolve, 5 cups of intellect, 6 cups of passion, 6 cups of love and 3 cups of arrogance. The concentration of intense sensitivity is reduced to 1.5 cups equivalent (which includes anxiety and potentially depression). However it doesn’t diminish the intensity of expression of these components. In addition, there are 5 tablespoons of jealousy and 3 tablespoons of tolerance and a dash of desired colour. But all the components of this fine, exotic potion are heated a medium to high heat so all the components interact with each other so each component controls and monitors the other. So one can actually determine the persons character by their behavior as they control which components to express when and where and which to express the most.

If you think about it, these components are quite alot and are very defining of who a person is. But how full do you think the cauldron is? I think its not even half full. It’s much less than that. Because every step you take in and every step life takes towards you, you learn a thing or two. So the adjustments are continuous and ever changing. Even when you are lying in your deathbed, the cauldron could be 3/4 full atmost, since one cannot experience every aspect of life (books can help though 😏) . In some rare cases, something new may be added if the foundation of your potion accepts it. If the novel component doesn’t contaminate its consistency.

But in the end, we are all witches and wizards, continuously working at our cauldrons, making it better than it was a moment ago or better than the potions in others’ cauldrons.

So tell me, the witch or wizard reading this post, what potion are you conjuring?

Daily Prompt – Conjure



Blink, and infinite particles have scattered into more infinite arrangements,

colliding in their own cataclysmic ways, with uncertain destinations,

Blink, and dewdrops spring from your eye lashes as they join the rain,

united and falling in a smooth trail,

Blink, and the darkness you engulf yourself in is a momentary cocoon from the daunting world out there,

but the caterpillar must turn into a butterfly,

Blink, and the sunshine bathes your eyes once again,

enchanting you in its warmth and fuzziness,

Blink, and the book you were reading or the movie you were watching reaches and epic plot twist,

you take a few more blinks to process the change in reality,

Blink, and millions are born to join this safe haven of an Earth,

staring widely and curiously into their mothers loving eyes,

Blink, and millions of people lay in bed as they breathe their last breath

waiting patiently, to great death like their closest friend

But hold your eyes closed for a couple of more seconds, my child,

and the world is in chaos or eternal bliss

Flowers bloom and a seeds grows into forests,

while endangered animals flee with every fabric in their body to live another day

In one corner of the world, a father plays tag with his little angel,

While at a different corner, a father, turned blind with tragedy and rage, sends his little angel back to the heavens

Accords form. Truth has arrived. Falsehood has perished,

Fights and unrest emerge. Friends become enemies. Justice becomes as rare as reconnecting a severed head,

A boy has become a man, reaching the epitome of his career,

blinking uncontrollably to shield tears from the reality that a man can still be a boy,

Words alligned in beautiful sentences cause hearts to bloom,

a slip of the tongue shatters all the beauty it once created


But don’t wallow in sorrow, my child, neither should you grieve,

this world is an absolute wonder, of so many moments

All the joy and sorrow can be achieved if you wish and strive for it,

All you need is a blink of an eye to set the course in motion

Daily Prompt – Blink


Bismillah Hir Rahman Ir Raheem,

No legacy is as rich as honesty.” – William Shakespeare

“Being hurt never hurts anyone. Being a liar only hurts you.” – Anonymous

It’s a simple word, isn’t it? Just say the truth whenever you are asked about something. Say that you came late for class because you overslept inside of blaming it on the death of a close relative. Give change while you have it, even if it means breaking down your Rs.1000 to a couple of hundreds to just pay Rs.20 instead of saying you don’t have money. Admit your mistakes such as joining in a group discussion where your friend was being insulted without stopping them instead of saying that you were never part of the discussion. Here are the simple situations where people tend to lie often, where they think there are no consequences to their actions. After all, it was just a small lie, right? No one was hurt, right? It was just a moment like many other moments that pass in less than a blink of an eye. Who would remember that, right? No one, probably, except the One that created our ability to utter a word and created the concept of time.

Being honest is a very important trait which has become underestimated and whose importance has been diminished in our society. Apparently, being honest means that you are dumb and easy to manipulate. It would mean that you are not smart enough to get what you want, to look for loopholes in the system and derive whatever benefits you can for yourself. Whereas those who are manipulative enough to reap more profits from something than intended are considered more successful and smarter and are given more praise than others. The liars are held at a higher position than the honest. People who cheat in their exams and get good grades are showered with compliments by their peers as compared to an honest hardworking, struggling student who managed to get from a C to a B. However, the cheaters are not always called liars but smart. The hard workers are not always given praise for their honesty, but are labeled as dumb. The perception of cleverness and intelligence has been altered in our society.

Lying does have its benefits though. You can get away with anything you want by making some excuse or blaming it on another person. For example, you crash your parents’ car and say your friend was driving. You can be in prestigious positions where you reap the benefits of your company and others, living life with a fancy tie and suit while stealthily taking hard-earned money from those who are not as well off as they are. This is the life of some CEOs, politicians, salesman and people of many different professions. But what’s the hustle, right? You’re getting an advantage out of it. What does it matter? Being honest, keeping promises, not cheating in life has no value.

But that’s the thing. It does matter. Moral values and ethics such as honesty are what make a person human. Just because your actions do not show any visible and instant benefits and rewards doesn’t mean it won’t be of value. A person can go through life cheating others and draining success from others and be a big shot, to satisfy their soul with worldly desires. But eventually that will end as eventually people will realize the true colors of these ‘smart’ people and stop trusting them and conducting business with them. And if this is not so, then the ‘smart’ people may earn riches but will not lead a very happy and content life. Certain problems can occur when people cheat others such as loss of friends, misunderstanding between family members, poverty, divorce, depression, anxiety or other stressors in life, etc. Either way, they may not be pleased and content with themselves. In the effort to gain instant benefits at the current moment, their future gets destroyed.

Whereas people who stay true to themselves, believe and trust in their own capabilities and are able to admit their mistakes and failures and work hard to achieve their goals will surely succeed in this life and the next. They have faith that if things do not work out because they honestly admit their mistakes, they know that they will be rewarded somehow in the future. They may not reap rewards instantly but they can receive much more than that. They can receive the love, trust, respect and care for friends and family as no one is harmed or mistreated. They can sleep easily at night without kilos of lies and broken promises weighing them down only to save themselves from potential disgrace because they know that they’d truly be disgraced when Allah would bring all their sins forth one way or another. They may be ridiculed at first for being stupid not to care for their own benefits as much as that for others, but they know that man was sent to this world so that they could coexist in unity and justice so no matter how much they are ridiculed, they are able to go to bed at the end of the day having made a positive difference in this world while always fulfilling their heart’s desire to a promisingly happy life.

Thus, it is important that we lead an honest life from birth to death in every area of life while we are conscious of our actions to lead a joyous and comfortable life. Even by lying in the smallest of deeds such as not telling you ate the last piece of cake can manifest and form a harmful habit of lying at every possible moment when it is reinforced because if you lie about the smallest deeds to reap small benefits, lying about big and important deeds will be a piece of cake. In the end, we can lie to everyone around us, but we can never lie to ourselves and the One Who created us. Hazrat Ali(R.A) has spoken about honesty:

“O people, try to be honest for Allah is the helper of honest people. Avoid telling lies since it will ruin your faith. Know that honest people are on the verge of nobility and honour while liars are on the verge of collapse and destruction.”


Bismillah Hir Rahman ir Raheem

It’s been a long time since I have written a blog. I hope you all are doing well. In today’s update, I want to talk about a strange dilemma that I experience, as does the generation of teenagers and other youngsters in my country, Pakistan.

Our mother-tongue or native language is Urdu. It has existed years before Pakistan was formed in 1947 from the time of the Mughal Empire. It is a combination of many languages such as Arabic, Hindi & Persian so that everyone from different parts of the Empire were able to communicate effectively.

But what I’ve found is that the importance of this beautiful language is starting to diminish as generations go by. My grandparents would often speak clear Urdu with a great vocabulary, would read Urdu newspapers, novels and poetry (and there is a lot of rich poetry in Urdu) . And not just in Urdu but also in our regional languages such as Punjabi and Sindhi. But my parents are comfortable with both. They know Urdu and Punjabi well but they don’t read Urdu novels and newspapers and don’t have as great vocabulary as my grandparents, such as we tend to use English words when we’re conversing in Urdu. They listen to Urdu, Punjabi, Sindhi, etc. songs, enjoy them and understand them well.

But as you reach my generation, even though we are bi-lingual, I’m noticing that Urdu is starting to become a ‘foreign’ language to us. We speak in both languages but we do not have as much pride in our own language as our predecessors had, and the ease in conversing in English and the importance of this language in communicating with foreigners has become so high that it is starting to diminish the importance of Urdu. Especially when majority of the educational institutions are English-medium.

In school, we are taught to understand, describe and analyse Urdu poetry and stories from around 3rd grade onwards. Either the poetry would be difficult to understand, the teacher was unable to explain the intricacy of it or we just wouldn’t really care about it. And this goes on till high school. We were not taught to admire the beauty of how a larger meaning can be conveyed from a few words, but to pass with a good grade. Along with this, we were supposed to memorise similes (or ‘Mahawarey’ in Urdu) from around 9th grade onwards which were soooo hard! Mama would spend hours making us understand them, memorise their meanings and not taking their meanings literally. I even memorised sentence examples of the similes because I was unable to construct proper sentences. In Urdu, when you make a sentence, it tends to have either a masculine or feminine tone, and either singular or plural tone. I used to mess up these tones so much. And I still do, which is sad considering this is my mother-tongue. My parents would be so annoyed at my siblings and I for this. But I can’t really blame them since there was more use of English in our house.

You’re supposed to study Urdu as a subject till O-levels, after which it is up to you whether you want to pursue it in A-levels or aim for a degree in it or not. Many people, atleast as many as I know, don’t pursue it further. Some take it in A-levels just to get some grade. But whenever there is a mention of studying Urdu, doing Urdu comprehensions or writing essays in Urdu, people would laugh at how hard it was. I barely passed O-level Urdu with an A and I still make grammar mistakes.

But as I’ve grown, I’ve come to realise that if we continue on our current irresponsible path, this beautiful language will diminish and we will be a nation of only English-speaking people. I’ve only recently come to appreciate this language. I’ve started moving away from listening to English songs and more of Urdu, Persian and different folk songs, even when I often don’t understand them. There is a special kind of grace to the language. Coke Studio has been the major link between modern music and traditional folk songs and they are so wonderful to listen to. The stories these songs tell, the ideas and opinions they share, how the writers contemplate themselves and the people around them in these songs are almost magical. And poems are even more wonderful than these. Baba listens to these songs a lot and he often translates difficult terms and explains the meaning of these songs. The philosophy in them are so scholarly like, such as Allama Iqbal, Ghalib, Altaf Hussain Hali, Bahadur Shah Zafar,etc. I’ve started listening to vocals of Iqbal’s poetry and the use of Urdu in the poetry is so refined. And his incorporation of Quranic teachings in his poetry makes it even more better. I realized I am missing out on so much of my history. The way the poets talk in their songs and poetry…no one talks like that anymore.

I’ll show you some examples. Here is one song written by Faiz Ahmed Faiz called ‘Mujh Se Pehli Si Mohabbat’. It is a beautiful song which has been sung by many popular singers such as Nur Jahan. But the one I really liked was the one sung by Humera Channa and Nabeel Shaukat in Coke Studio Season 10.

(Picture of Faiz Ahmed Faiz)

Here are the lyrics:

مجھ سے پہلی سی محبّت مرے محبوب نہ مانگ
mujh se pahli si muhabbat mire mahboob na maang
Beloved, don’t ask me to love you as I loved you before

مجھ سے پہلی سی محبّت مرے محبوب نہ مانگ
mujh se pahli si muhabbat mire mahboob na maang
Beloved, don’t ask me to love you as I loved you before

مجھ سے پہلی سی محبّت مرے محبوب نہ مانگ
mujh se pahli si muhabbat mire mahboob na maang
Beloved, don’t ask me to love you as I loved you before

مجھ سے پہلی سی محبّت مرے محبوب نہ مانگ
mujh se pahli si muhabbat mire mahboob na maang
Beloved, don’t ask me to love you as I loved you before

میں نے سمجھا تھا کہ تو ہے تو درخشاں ہے حیات
main ne samjha tha kih tu hai to darakhshaan hai hayaat
I had assumed that as long as I have you, life is radiant

تیرا غم ہے تو غمِ دہر کا جھگڑا کیا ہے
tera gham hai to gham-i dahr ka jhagṛa kya hai
What anguish in the world could possibly rival the anguish of being without you

تیری صورت سے ہے عالم میں بہاروں کو ثبات
teri soorat se hai ‘aalam men bahaaron ko sabaat
Your face is what lends permanence to springtime in this world

تیری آنکھوں کے سوا دنیا میں رکھا کیا ہے
teri aankhon ke siwa dunya men rakkha kya hai
What is there in the world except for the beauty of your eyes

تیری آنکھوں کے سوا دنیا میں رکھا کیا ہے
teri aankhon ke siwa dunya men rakkha kya hai
What is there in the world except for the beauty of your eyes

تو جو مل جائے تو تقدیر نگوں ہو جائے
tu jo mil jaae to taqdeer nigoon ho jaae
If I gain you, destiny would bow down before me

یوں نہ تھا، میں نے فقط چاہا تھا یوں ہو جائے
yoon na tha main ne faqat chaaha tha yoon ho jaae
It wasn’t so, I had merely wanted it to be so

مجھ سے پہلی سی محبّت مرے محبوب نہ مانگ
mujh se pahli si muhabbat mire mahboob na maang
Beloved, don’t ask me to love you as I loved you before

مجھ سے پہلی سی محبّت مرے محبوب نہ مانگ
mujh se pahli si muhabbat mire mahboob na maang
Beloved, don’t ask me to love you as I loved you before

اَن گنت صدیوں کے تاریک بہیمانہ طلسم
an-ginat sadiyon ke taareek baheemaanah talism
The dark and savage enchantment of countless centuries

اَن گنت صدیوں کے تاریک بہیمانہ طلسم
an-ginat sadiyon ke taareek baheemaanah talism
The dark and savage enchantment of countless centuries

ریشم و اطلس و کمخواب میں بُنوائے ہوئے
resham-o atlas-o kam-khaab men bunwaae hooe
Woven into silk and satin and brocade

جا بجا بکتے ہوئے کوچہ و بازار میں جسم
ja-ba-ja bikte hooe koocha-o baazaar men jism
Bodies everywhere being sold in lanes and marketplaces

خاک میں لتھڑے ہوئے خون میں نہلائے ہوئے
khaak men lithṛe hooe khoon men nahlaae hooe
Caked with dirt and bathed in blood

لوٹ جاتی ہے اِدھر کو بھی نظر کیا کیجے
lauṭ jaati hai idhar ko bhi nazar kya keeje
My gaze returns here as well, what can I do?

اب بھی دلکش ہے ترا حسن، مگر کیا کیجے
ab bhi dil-kash hai tira husn magar kya keeje
Your beauty is still enchanting, but what can I do?

اب بھی دلکش ہے ترا حسن، مگر کیا کیجے
ab bhi dil-kash hai tira husn magar kya keeje
Your beauty is still enchanting, but what can I do?

اور بھی دکھ ہیں زمانے میں محبّت کے سوا
aur bhi dukh hain zamaane men muhabbat ke siwa
There are many other sorrows in this world besides the sorrow of love

راحتیں اور بھی ہیں وصل کی راحت کے سوا
raahaten aur bhi hain wasl ki raahat ke siwa
There are many other delights besides the delight of union

مجھ سے پہلی سی محبّت مرے محبوب نہ مانگ
mujh se pahli si muhabbat mire mahboob na maang
Beloved, don’t ask me to love you as I loved you before

مجھ سے پہلی سی محبّت مرے محبوب نہ مانگ
mujh se pahli si muhabbat mire mahboob na maang
Beloved, don’t ask me to love you as I loved you before

مجھ سے پہلی سی محبّت مرے محبوب نہ مانگ
mujh se pahli si muhabbat mire mahboob na maang
Beloved, don’t ask me to love you as I loved you before

مجھ سے پہلی سی محبّت مرے محبوب نہ مانگ
mujh se pahli si muhabbat mire mahboob na maang
Beloved, don’t ask me to love you as I loved you before

مجھ سے پہلی سی محبّت مرے محبوب نہ مانگ
mujh se pahli si muhabbat mire mahboob na maang
Beloved, don’t ask me to love you as I loved you before

At first, I thought it was the song of a lover singing to his or her beloved person but when you look into the history of the song, it was actually about Faiz Ahmed Faiz saying how much he missed his beloved country, Pakistan, after he was sent out of it.

Another poem I’d like to share with you is by Allama Iqbal, called “Khudi Ka Sir i Nihan”:

خودی کا سرِ نہاں لا الہٰ الا اللہ
خودی ہے تیغِ فساں لا الہٰ الا اللہ

The secret of the Self is hid,
In words “No God but Allah alone”.
The Self is just a dull-edged sword,
“No God but He”, the grinding stone.

“Fassan” is a stone name which is used to sharpen the sword
Mean to say Zikr of “La Ilaha Illa Allah” is the key to get aware of oneself,
hidden secrets of life, the universe and the Almighty Allah.

یہ دَور اپنے براہیم کی تلاش میں ہے
صنم کدہ ہے جہاں لا الہٰ الا اللہ

An Abraham by the age is sought
To break the idols of this Hall:
The avowal of God’s Oneness can
Make all these idols headlong fall.

آج بھی ہو اگر ابراہیم سا ایماں پیدا
آگ کر سکتی ہے انداز گلستان پیدا

کیا ہے تو نے متاعِ غرور کا سودا
فریبِ سودوزیاں لا الہٰ الا اللہ

A bargain you have struck for goods
Of life, a step, that smacks conceit,
All save the Call “No God but He”
Is merely fraught with fraud and deceit

یہ مال و دولت دنیا یہ رشتہ و پیوند
بُتانِ وَہم و گماں لا الہٰ الا اللہ

The wordly wealth and riches too,
Ties of blood and friends a dream
The idols wrought by doubts untrue,
All save God’s Oneness empty seem.

خرد ہوئی ہے زمان و مکاں کی زناری
نہ ہے زماں نہ مکاں لا الہٰ الا اللہ

The mind has worn the holy thread
Of time and space like pagans all
Though time and space both illusive
“No God but He” is true withal.

یہ نغمہ فصلِ گل ولالہ کا نہیں پابند
بہار ہو کہ خزاں لا الہٰ الا اللہ

These melodious songs are not confined
To time when rose and tulip bloom
Whatever the season of year be
“No God but He” must ring till doom.

اگرچہ بُت ہیں جماعت کی آستینوں میں
مجھے ہے حکم اذاں لا الہٰ الا اللہ

Many idols are still concealed
In their sleeves by the Faithful Fold
I am ordained by Mighty God
To raise the call and be much bold.

I love this poem so much because of the way it is sung and how it expresses Islam in a graceful and thought-provoking manner. Iqbal is truly a gem of our nation. However, even when these poems are in simple Urdu, it is still difficult for me to understand so i try and memorise its translation and recall it when I listen to the song on my phone. Which is sad.

But majority of the youngsters are not interested and prefer to use English more effectively and Urdu for only speaking purposes. Urdu poetry is not of interest to them. The situation has reached to the extent that the poor people in our country prefer to send their children to English medium schools so that they learn English in order to get a good job.

I feel it is an obligation in every country to preserve your mother-tongue in any way possible so that it doesn’t become a ‘foreign language’. There is a lot of history, knowledge and culture in a language. You learn a lot about a nation from their language. English should just be a link of communication between people all over the world but we must celebrate the purity of our culture and stand strong together without having to please and be subservient to other cultures. 😀


Bismillah Hir Rahman ir Raheem

Hey, guys!! It’s been a long time since I have posted a blog. Mainly because A-Levels is getting very busy & intense. Everytime I think about writing a blog post after I’m done with schoolwork, I either fall asleep WAY before bedtime or I’m not sure what to write about. Now that I’m on a bus travelling across chartered land, I’d like to tell you guys about a weird experience I had last week.

So last weekend from Friday to Sunday, we had a sports event in our school. Many students from schools all across our city and neighboring cities took part in the event, representing their schools. We had been preparing for this for weeks since Eid ul Azha. I was in my school basketball team but I was also an event head of chess along with two other boys from my school. Before the event started, all the event heads had to take trials from students interested in being part of the home team of their respective sport. For a while, I was confused because I was wondering “How do you take trials of chess? Doesn’t a game of chess take an hour minimum to play? & What are we supposed to assess, the number & type of pieces eliminated? Because that doesn’t count because the game depends on which king dies.”

Initially I was working alone but then I just blurted out to my fellow event heads “What are we supposed to test?” But they both handled it. They’re both good at chess and play chess at different school events. They both held the trials. But I felt so dumb and helpless that I couldn’t take the trials. It made me feel as if I was deliberately being dumb to avoid responsibility when I wasn’t. I felt like the extra useless baggage my fellow event heads had to carry around.

Then it was time to make the fixtures. A couple of boys from different schools registered for chess. But there were no girls. So we decided to include only girls from our school so our students could get free gold and silver medal 😂😂 4 girls, my friends, took part in it. I had to take part too so that there won’t be trouble with the fixtures and because they had such faith in me that i would get a medal……oh how i proved them wrong 😂

But as much as I tried, I wasn’t able to understand how to make the fixtures. My fellow event heads were talking about doing ‘knockout’ or ‘swiss chess’ or some chess that starts with an R. My head was spinning. I didn’t know what those even meant. That made me feel even more dumb & helpless. And after a couple of matches, whenever I would check the progress, I would always forget who won which match or who lost it everytime! So when someone from the executive council would ask about the progress, I’d say “Ask my fellow event head _____”

Now the event. It started at 7am. The teams started coming at around 8am. Once they gathered, there was a march pass in which the entire management team had to individually lead each team from different schools around the main ground. Then we had to allign them for the national anthem and torch lighting. Then our work began.

It was our job to referee the chess matches that were being held in our school library. But of course, its an event and life is unpredictable and almost nothing goes as planned. The night before the event, two more names had been added to the chess so they had to be adjusted. Then in the afternoon after Jumma prayer, around 8 boys popped up claiming that they had registered up for chess but in actual they weren’t on the list. I was managing the girls’ matches so my fellow event heads had to deal with it. They were irritated at first but then they were calm, confirmed their registration and adjusted them. Once again, something I’m not sure I could’ve done.

But here’s the funny part. A week before the event, we gave a list of the items we needed i.e. 6 chess boards and 6 chess clocks. And guess what happened?! Come on, guess! There are so many infinite possibilities of what could happen.



What happened was that we received 2 chess boards of low quality, a chess board printed on a bloody lafafa (plastic bag) & no chess clocks!! It was ridiculous! Registrations and Logistics departments had caused us so much problems. Even the IT department didn’t give us all our tags.

We used the two chess boards & tried using the lafafa chess board but it was too ridiculous and we couldn’t help laughing so much. Plus, the chess pieces and the lafafa kept flying off. We somehow found a leather chess board which we used. But one participant came and when he saw the situation, he said he had a leather chess board and a clock with him 😋 now what could be more disgraceful than that? My fellow event head would, whenever the opportunity came, pull out the lafafa chess board and show it to his friends, our sports teacher, our admin, even our principal. I think if you’ll ask him at any point in the future about it, he’ll bring it out of his pocket and flash it in your face within a millisecond and tell you exactly what happened 😝

As for the clocks, we used my fellow event heads’ phones, downloaded the chess clock apps and used them. I downloaded it on my phone but it was too confusing so I had to use theirs. I used mine later. But think about it; our school apparently couldn’t get clocks! & What if in between the match, our phones rang? Would we have told them to pause, close their eyes and stop thinking?

We somehow managed it and were done by the third day. But since I’m relating this event to my bubble, I want to tell you what I experienced in the first day of the event. I overslept, didn’t have breakfast and was constantly working till 7pm that day. Yet when I look back, I didn’t do as much work as my fellow event heads did. They held trials, made fixtures, handled the new participants and yet were calm, composed and active. Whereas by the time of Jumma, I was already drained. & I only moved around in an air-conditioned library! By the midway, I couldn’t focus on the matches. The girls playing were telling themselves at some occasions when it was a foul move or check.

I’ve been trying to understand why I was feeling so tired at that time. Then I thought; i was feeling anxious often that I wasn’t doing enough, that others were doing more than me, that I would be kicked out of the management. These thoughts made my heart race & my concentration distorted. All my energy was used up in maintaining this anxiety. I barely ate that day. I only had coffee which my friend brought and a shawarma which my fellow event head had bought for me. Everyone seemed to notice I was drained. But my fellow event heads acknowledged that I did hard work even though I don’t feel like I did. But atleast it gave me some comfort. Though I cried after the second day.

On the second day, my fellow event head managed to get clocks so we weren’t that disgraced.

The third day was the closing ceremony and another wonderful thing happened. The medals for chess were not made, along with tug of war and futsal! The girls who won were annoyed and were afraid of going on stage when they wouldn’t even get the medal. My fellow event heads had a greater problem because the winners from boys were from different schools and it was disgraceful to tell them they wouldn’t get the medals. But we had to deal with it. (now its been a week since the event and we’re still demanding to get the medals but they say they’ll get it ‘tomorrow’ ugghhh 😣😣😣)

The closing ceremony was ok. 90% of the people were barely paying attention and midway of the ceremony, they went for the food a.k.a sandwiches, chicken patties and cupcakes. But I was happy to get free mint margheritas 😊😊😊😊😊


What I meant to say in this blog post is that whenever I take up a big responsibility, I tend to get confused which makes me anxious which makes me exhausted which deceives me into thinking that I have worked hard whereas that is not entirely true. I would appreciate it if you all could give me some advice as to what I can do to combat this anxiety. I am a hardworking student but I want to be good in other things as well. Organising work requires a different type of skill. I want to be a leader. I want to have full confidence in myself. I want to be firm and yet not be rude to people and I want others to build me up rather than break me down.

I am so grateful Alhamdulillah that my fellow event heads never brought me down but considered me their equal and we helped each other out. I spent most of the event in the library with them and had a great and fun tine with them 😁

P.s I’m already tearing up while writing this.

P.P.S I’ll see if I can find the lafafa chess board again. If I do, I’ll add it in this blog 😜
Allah Hafiz 😁😁😁



We have all been created by Allah. Every tree, every flower, the wind, the rivers and streams, the mountains and the beach, every species in their most perfect and complex manner. Then He created us and made us the Best of all Creations. Ashraf al Makhlukaat is an Arabic phrase.

But as I live my life. As I see people around me, as I look into my mind and my heart and see myself….I feel that this phrase is completely opposite of what we are.

Before Allah sent us His Books and guided us, and in between those time periods, people were engaged in the most heinous of crimes. Murder, theft, warfare, torture, slavery, rape, marriages between sons and mothers, burying baby daughters alive….all this used to happen. Even animals were more learned and sane than us. Ants can build a home and move in straight lines, whereas we can hardly even make a proper line when we are impatient. But when they received guidance, they evolved into our greater selves. They became aware of their faults and weaknesses and grew stronger in mentality and intellect. They believed no doubt in their purpose to serve Allah.

But after all the prophets passed away, many killed by disbelievers, people lost their way again. They returned to their old traditions and cultures and robbed each other of their rights.

Now look around. Not a day passes where you don’t hear about violence, rebellion, rape, killing in the name of ‘honour’, kidnapping and corruption. At some point in time, people started caring only for what they want. Every act of their daily routine was focused on serving themselves. Earning for themselves, spending on themselves, littering outside their house because “the garbage bins are not visible”, lying and cheating others for their own benefit, getting in trouble and putting the blame on others, making friends to fulfill their own purposes, backbiting, suspicion, making fun of others and expressing our judgments and stereotypes without thought….it is so unnatural and inhumane yet so common and expecting.

We have even neglected our own environment. Global warming is effecting us and the world at such a great level. I can barely even sit in my house sometimes without sweating so much and taking a bath three times a day. We have polluted our beautiful earth of its grace while searching for resources. Ice caps are melting, animals are becoming extinct….it is true what is said about the show of Scooby Doo: you learn that the real monsters are actually people.

Now people are buying houses in Mars! The arrogance! Do they want to destroy another planet? Whatever you take, you have to give back something in return. No. We deserve to stay here and pay for our crimes. We can run to the furthest planet in the galaxy but we cannot run from Allah when we will return to Him.

Now massacres are becoming often heard of as well. Palestine, Afghanistan, Burma,etc. Many lives are lost due to feuds between governments. Wars should be avoided at every cost but if it takes place, it should remain in the battlefield. Wildlife, vegetation, men, women and children not part of the battle should not even feel an inch of pain because of it. Yet millions of innocents are targetted. Who knew even being innocent became a crime? It’s like innocent people don’t deserve to live on this earth.

I look at myself, and I often see the same filth. I have made countless mistakes in my life, known and unknown, which I have no idea will ever be removed from my record of deeds. It’s like I think so much about my decisions and I fully support it, I give all my efforts in accomplishing it but its consequences don’t always turn out the way I expect them too. What keeps me going on is my faith in Allah, His Love, His Mercy, my fear of Him and His Guidance. Without that, I would have even killed myself if I had reached that point due to guilt. Even the tiniest of mistakes such as forgetting to send money to someone, the dough being wasted because it doesn’t rise or even killing my favorite character in a PS4 game make me rethink of my stupidity. I am often called ‘Tubelight’ by my family. I laugh about it but nowadays, it has never been more true. I try to be an honest person but I’m surprised often that people even trust me.

All these thoughts revolve in my head when I watch the news. We are the worst thing that has ever happened to this world. Every action we do has sensitive consequences. Words spoken cannot be taken back.

But then I remember an ayat from Surah Baqarah in the Holy Quran. In the ayat, Allah had said that He planned to create a new being; Man, for His worship. But the angels who are constantly in His Service and Worship told Him:

“How can you create something who would cause chaos and shed blood whereas we glorify Your Praises all the time?”

To that, Allah simply replied:

“I know that which you do not.”

Once they heard that, they bowed towards Hazrat Adam(A.S) when commanded.

This got me thinking, that though humans seem like the worst beings in the world, they have a tremendous potential for good. Our prophets were humans too so we are capable of following their example. They hold charities and organisations to serve the needs of people foreign and domestic. They care for their family, friends and neighbors. They treat their guests well. They stand against evil and infidelity. They forgive others and hold no grudges no matter how much pain people cause them. They are confident, vigilant, brave and honourable. They are concerned about worldly and internal issues. They are constantly in the quest for knowledge. If they even unintentionally prick another with a needle, they feel as if they were stabbed by a thousand needles. They ask for forgiveness and make amends with their enemies. They protect and nurture each other. They are like animals; constantly working in a fixed and just system that does not harm others. Always in the effort to do things the right way. And there is more to us that only Allah knows.

So if you think that you are the worst person or have made many mistakes, know that Allah created you for a reason. He knew what man was capable of when He created him. You are capable of more than you know. You make one mistake, you can fulfill it with ten good deeds. If you even repent wholeheartedly, it will be counted as your good deed. We are Ashraf al Makhlukaat because we have the willpower to do great. We have to freedom to do as we wish. Let us all work to be worthy of this title and help others achieve it as well. Let us end evil or harmful acts where we see it. And may Allah help us in this constant effort.

Ameen 😊

Peace out ✌✌



Assalam Alaikum, my fellow bloggers. I want to talk about yesterday crucial and memorable event that took place here yesterday in Pakistan. Frankly, I have no interest in politics, mainly because I can’t understand whats going on, as I mentioned in my first blog post, My Bubble of Thoughts. Who supports what, who’s against who, who wants what and how much of what, justice here, corruption there, developments here, lies there, truths locked up. Its quite confusing. But there’s one thing I know; justice only comes once you give your everything and everything into it. Your blood, sweat, tears and all the comforts of life into it.

Now hears the fancy news: This dude here, Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif, has been disqualified from his position as Prime Minister.

Our history proved his incompetence to such a level. Making laws only to benefit himself, building a Metro bus system in Lahore and now in Islamabad to provide “cheap travel of Rs. 20 only” but paying for the rest of the costs with our increase in tax, preventing the army chief’s plane from landing so that he could replace him with a buddy of his own in 1999, for which he was exiled to Saudi Arabia. You may wonder how he was chosen as PM? Well thats a long story summed up in a few words: some people are just plain idiots.

For years, he has been stealing money from his people in the name of progress. Many did not rebel against him because they indulge in the same practices as him. But not the man who came to our rescue, Imran Khan.

Former Cricketer and Leader of the Pakistani Party, Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaaf, and leader of the Opposition Party in Parliament, Imran Khan has fought valiantly for years condemning Nawaz Sharif’s practices. Many were criticising him so much , even at the cost of his own comfort. He has had trouble in his personal matters, having two ex-wives, but its personal and no person’s personal information should be broadcasted for the world to see without their permission.

But he never backed down an inch. His strength, determination and leadership qualities in his cricket days proved so now. In around the mid of 2014, he gathered his followers from Peshawar to Islamabad in front of the Parliament House and held the infamous “Dharna” (protest) there where people gathered everyday at night, united in the fight of injustice. A separate section was made for women and children even and we would come almost everyday to the Dharna (mainly my mom dragging me in the middle of the night 😝 )

And the legendary chant “Go Nawaz Go” echoed all across Islamabad.

You may think Imran Khan may have been causing chaos only by the Dharna but the Dharna was the means to make our nation aware of the injustice it was experiencing. That made us more united and supportive than ever. 

The Dharna went on for many months but he had to stop it due to the distressing event of APS terrorist attack in Peshawar where around 200 students and staff were murdered, along with the Principal of the school. You can see the level of respect and decency in him. Others would have continued on. Even recently in 2016 he held a Dharna to make the Supreme Court make an inquiry into his acts or he would take harsh means. When Supreme Court agreed, he immediately stopped the Dharna. This shows his only aim was to fulfill the rights of his people, not to show off his greatness.

Then Allah’s help came through the Panama Papers, showing corruption in Nawaz Sharif’s childrens companies abroad. Nawaz Sharif emphasised on the point that the case was about his children, not him. But the important question was, where did the money for these companies come up? Pressure was put on Nawaz Sharif to own up but he refused. People would have given up on it and forgotten it but Imran Khan carried on for a year more of struggle until it encouraged the Supreme Court and the JIT to take up his case.

Nawaz Sharif, his children and his party followers instead of proving Sharif’s innocence, were yelling at the JIT to focus on other people’s properties such as Imran Khan’s house in Bani Gala. And so, they were unable to tell the money trail of the companies.

In the end, the judges made their decision and on 11:30am at 28th July, 2017, declared our PM as Na-ehal! i.e unjust and not Sadiq & Amin i.e truthful and trustworthy. Now thats a stamp no one can remove. Though his last name is Sharif i.e innocent, he is definitely not so.

It was truly a joyous, people were celebrating and dancing on the streets with hope and liberation in their hearts. Even Jemima Khan, Imran Khan’s first ex-wife, showed great support you don’t see many ex-wives doing. She supported him when allegations were put on him and tweeted “Gone Nawaz Gone”

Though this is not the end of corruption but it is a statement to all those corrupt leaders in Pakistan that you will not get away with it. We will find you, we will catch you & you will suffer. Imran Khan will stand up to them and many more Imran Khans will rise. And Inshallah, with Allah’s Grace, we will create the Islamic Republic of Pakistan our forefathers slaved and died to give us. Let us be worthy of their hard work. And let this be an example to anyone in any country where corruption and injustice reigns. Once you take a stand, take a stand with all your might, even if you stand alone.

May God be with you all 😊

P.S this will probably my last post about politics. I guess cuz i could actually write something about it. Usually i’m just blank


Hey, guys!! Has anyone played this game? Because the only people I know who’ve played it are my siblings and a close friend. But it gets boring when you want to talk about it with your other friends who don’t know about it so I was wondering if you guys have played it. P.S. it is soo awesome & kool!!

For those of you who don’t know, Assassin’s Creed is an Xbox & PS4 game (though part 1 is played on the computer). It is about the generations long clash between two creeds, the Assassins and the Templars. The Templars search for means to conquer and gain power over the world whereas the Assassins try to take the power from them but not use them themselves; they work in the dark to serve the light. In the current day, the Templars and Assassins try to use the DNA of assassins to trace back to the lives of their ancestors to find the pieces of Eden such as the Apple of Eden. The Templars operate in the company known as Abstergo. 

We are first introduced to Abstergo along with the patient, Desmond Miles, who is an Assassin. Desmond is taken to the Animus which allows them to trace his DNA back to his ancestors.

The first 2 parts were great, especially the second part which takes place in Italy with the story revolving around the Assassin, Ezio Auditore. His story is great and how they show it is even better. The next part I really liked is part 4 – Black Flag where the story revolves around Edward Kenway, a pirate. You can actually sail your ship across the sea. And Blackbeard is your BFF!! The next part I liked is the recent part, Assassin’s Creed 7 – Syndicate where the story revolves around the Frye twins,Jacob & Evie. I recently finished the game. The story is great & i’m glad we can use a female assassin but it had no climax, no shockers like the previous parts.

A couple of things I really like about the show is the graphics. The streets, the market, the people, the flowers, the trees, the buildings and monuments are made so perfectly. You can visit many main monuments such as the Colloseum, the Tower of London, Buckingham Place, The Vatican, The Eifel Tower and much more. It’s like being there yourself.

Another thing is that you can meet all the famous historic figures such as the Maharaja of Punjab in the 19th century, Blackbeard as I mentioned, Leonardo DaVinci, the Medici Family, Cesare, Machiavelli, George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Karl Marx, Charles Dickens, Charles Darwin and Karl Marx. The Assassins always have an association with these figures. They are usually their allies.

But, as the name of the game states, the Assassins strive for peace with a blade only. Their only objectives are targets to eliminate. This comes in their motto:


In the real world, of course, this is not justifiable. You can’t murder a corrupt politician and say you are doing justice. You can’t eliminate big lethal figures and say you are serving the people. Criminals are brought to court of law where their fate is decided. They cannot be killed before that. I play the game mainly for the story, the graphics and the famous people I see (though killing is sometimes fun though, especially with stealth 😝😝 )

So do try it out. If you wish to try out only one game among the series, I’d prefer Part 2 or Part 4 – Black Flag 😁

Peace out ✌✌✌


Psychology is everywhere. How we imitate our elders or characters on television whom we consider role models, how our mind develops mechanisms to prevent ourselves from showing our weaknesses, how you can give someone a label and suddenly that’s how they are defined, how illnesses such as anxiety and depression are common, how traumatic events effect your mental health; it’s everywhere. The fact that many questions I ask are answered by psychology is intriguing. As much as I feel, The Quran expresses a lot of cognitive psychology, telling mankind not to despair, to be hopeful and that the world is a test in order to strengthen you. There was an ayat saying:

“Perhaps you like something that is bad for you and you hate something that is good for you……”

Another main reason for liking psychology is my mother. She’s taking a diploma course on psychotherapy and also conducts therapy sessions on clients. She tells us about her clients and their and her experiences. It was like wearing spectacles and seeing what was not in front of me. There are so many people going through mental issues and troubles, engaging in drugs, fighting and resenting families, having relationships only to fulfill their desires, expressing abnormal aggression and anger and more. And many of these people would be from rich families! That’s what surprised me a lot. So I saw a whole new reality and I wanted to know more about them and help them, because these are things that cannot be seen easily seen. A druggie could be a druggie due to absence of parental figure. A person who forces a smile on his or her face could be crying themselves to sleep and plotting their suicide. You can easily diagnose and treat a leg pain but perhaps not a depressive patient unless they show up for help. The human mind is a very marvelous and a complex system, yet it can easily be shattered and no one will realize it.

By the way, what do you think is the most difficult job in the world? Do leave your answers in the comments below. For me, it is parenting. Think about it; is there a perfect way to raise a child? Anything we do falls short of what we expect and it one way or another effects the child. You give your child freedom and don’t enforce your principles on them & they would spend quality time with you and respect you or they could go wild, doing everything that is wrong. You establish rules and enforce them & they may be brought up disciplined, responsible, spic and span or they may be irritated and resentful and want to run away from you.

Maintaining the perfect balance is not easy. But the best part is our parents try. They always put their blood, sweat and tears to raise us, feed us, clothe us, give us education, knowledge, a life, give us hope, love and respect which is a lot! And I think, if this is not so, the most important thing parents should offer their child is self-realization or self-evaluation. Children should be able to think for themselves. They should know the capacity of right and wrong. If they are lacking in something which is not offered to them by parents, they will search for it themselves. If they face troubles, they will find a way to solve it. Parenting is very hard; my own parents tell me this, as you start becoming a parent when you have a child. You didn’t have parenting experience before that. In addition, children also tend to turn out to be opposite of their parents or one parent. For example, Mama raised my siblings and I but apart from my brother having a couple of traits from Mama, he, my sister and I have almost all the traits of my father. While my mother is sharp and critical, my father is calm, relaxed, patient and content. So yeah, it is difficult to determine the proper style of parenting, though we should love, care, respect and appreciate their parents for all their efforts. May Allah bless all the parents out there in the world and make their jobs easy 😍

While I was on my Eid trip to Kashmir, as mentioned in the previous blog “OBSERVE, PONDER, BELIEVE”, Mama came up with a game for our family. She said one by one, each person was to tell the good traits and bad traits of each person. In that way, we’d know how we all thought of each other. After getting used to the awkward silences of what to say, we managed to share our thoughts openly. It was very interesting and helpful. You all can try it with your families. It may be weird at first but it will help you in having an interactive discussion and to lighten the burden of their thoughts. What we derived from this is that we tend to be more curious about our bad traits rather than our good traits; because you think people are being too modest and are lying just to be caring so you feel like going straight to the point. I have that too, because I tend to hear many compliments about me (not to brag but that happens) but it seems too good to be true and I wish to know where my imperfections lie because I can’t be 100% perfect. I must’ve done something wrong.

Recently, we played this game with a close friend, excluding Baba and my brother. While discussing all our good and bad points, we began discussing about her life because she has difficulty in her life, especially in college. She feels everyone is judging her, they make wrong assumptions of her, she doesn’t feel properly treated and appreciated, and people in her college are strange and hard to talk to. But Mama would ask her questions like “Why do you assume they are judging you? They could be complimenting you.” And we were convincing her that if she was worried about what society will say, well then society will always be there. There is no running away from it and she should not bother about what others think. But it was difficult for her. We were giving her tips such as this, especially Mama, but my friend would say that she was so accustomed to being in her zone of being upset and angry that she had gotten used to it. If she ever felt optimistic, she would think something was wrong and pushed it aside. Mama said:

“You can show the horse the water but you cannot force it to drink it.”

To that, she said:

“I know the water is there, but I just wave at it as I pass by.”

This conversation was actually funny 😂😂

So I wonder, what can you say to that? Someone who wishes to change yet doesn’t want to change because it is a big risk going into an unknown and uncomfortable territory? In the end, we can only do our best to explain to people what they can do. The rest is up to them whether they do what’s best for themselves or not. God doesn’t help those who don’t help themselves. But I have faith that she will find a bright light in the darkness and that she does not fear the light. May Allah keep her happy, peaceful and content always.

One thing Mama tells me is that psychology teaches us that we cannot tell people exactly what to do, but we must guide them so that they discover and realize themselves what needs to be done. That is what therapists do. They make sure the client is able to decide himself what needs to be done and that no one will spoon-feed him. If we spoon-feed people, they will either get annoyed that you are involving yourself into their personal matters or they will ask your opinion about every problem they have because they are unable to make decisions themselves.

Mama has had experience of the latter, and she says that it is not your duty to save others but just be there for them. I agree to a lot of what she says but we must act in some way to help them when they are troubled. We cannot only be involved in our own lives otherwise that would be selfish. We should help others when we see them in need, give our input and help out. If we feel it’s a lost cause then we must leave them be. But we should make an effort in others’ lives. Who knows, maybe the person they were waiting to help them is you?

I’ll sum up this extremely long blog to say that life can bring you down many times. But you are not alone. It is a phase a lot of people go through only to realize their true potential. I feel like by studying subjects such as psychology, sociology, philosophy, etc. we realize our capabilities and study the complex and beautiful specimen of mankind, how they are broken yet wonderful beings, especially our enemies. This can help us create a more inclusive, caring, honorable and united society.

Do share your thoughts about what I said 😊

  • Andale Seaworne out! ✌