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PROJECT 365 2019 – WEEK 5

Bismillah Hir Rahman Ir Raheem

This week wasn’t as heavy and exciting as last week but it was quite tiring because college gives me alot of work….atleast it seems like a lot of work. Learning one chapter for Small Group Discussions at college takes hours to do and even then it’s hard to retain all that information.

Sunday, 27th Jan

My Mom had to go to a beauty parlor so she dropped me off at a cafe in a golf course situated in a colony we used to live in. I always loved living there as I could be as close to the Margalla Hills as possible. I had a Cappuccino, chicken wings and met an old friend.

Monday, 28th Jan

We had a PBL session, i.e Problem Based Learning. Where we are divided into groups of 13 people and are given a case study of a patient with symptoms, which are either visible or mentioned by the patient. Other information such as age, gender, medical history, etc. are mentioned. Then we list down the things we know and things we don’t know about the patient. Then we study on it and determine the diagnosis. We will decide this on Wednesday.

Tuesday, 29th Jan

Based on the books and the movie, a series has been made of this unfortunate story. I rease this show as it’s really funny while all the actors in the show are dead serious. And Sunny is so adorable!!! But I love all the Baudelaire children as they are amazing actors.

The show is designed in such a way that one book from the series is shown in 2 episodes of the show. Season 3 has come up and I’ve started to watch it. Hoping for the best, although it’s slowly getting a little too unrealistic.

Wednesday, 30th Jan

Mama made dinner for some friends of hers. Here’s a picture of the food she made. At the top, there’s a dessert although the cream has melted. Then there’s Haleem (a dish made from chickpeas), a spinach dish, Chicken Makhni (butter chicken), lasagne and some spring rolls with plum sauce πŸ˜‹

Thursday, 31st Jan

Learn Basic Life Support today on these two dummies. We were taught CPR and how to save a choking person. Since anyone can end up in this situation, I’ll teach you guys what to do.

For CPR:

1. Safety: Make sure you’re both in a safe place.

2. Response: Hit the person on the shoulders and speak to the person so that they wake up and respond. If not:

3. Call an ambulance

4. Check the pulse of carotid artery (the artery on the side of the neck) and breathing by chest movement and see if it is rising. If no positive response:

5. Perform CPR. Cross the fingers of your left hand through the gaps between fingers of the right hand, where your right hand is below the left. Place the heel of your right hand on the center of the chest right at the sternum. Push hard till 2inches and release and continue. There should be 100-120 pushes in one minute. That’s 2 beats per second. To make it easier, push at the beats of the song “Staying Alive” by Bee Jees. That helped me alot.

After one minute, blow air into the mouth twice, enough that the chest rises.

Then, if there’s no response, within 10 seconds, perform CPR again.

For choking prevention for adults:

1. Enclose one hand as a fist and cover it with the other hand

2. In this position, position your hand around the body placed between the end of the sternum and the navel.

3. Tilt a bit forward and push hard upwards and backwards (watch out that their head doesn’t hit your head)

For infants:

1. Tilt the infant carefully and lay it on its tummy.

2. Hit the baby on the back at the center 5 times with the heel of your hand

3. Tilt the baby and lay it on its back

4. Use your middle and index finger and push them five times at the center of the chest below the neck.

Inshallah, by doing this, you can help someone in an emergency situation.

Friday, 1st Feb

Because medicine related puns are becoming common.

Saturday, 2nd Feb

A lazy afternoon on my terrace with the Sun bathing my skin.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Hope you’ve all had a great week. Take care 😁

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By Andale Seaworne

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16 replies on “PROJECT 365 2019 – WEEK 5”

I can see why you liked living there the hills are beautiful and I am very jealous of your terrace in the sun, perfect way to end the week. Sounds like you are learning lots of new things at the college and thank you for the chocking advice. I am always on the watch out with the boys – you would not believe the things they put in their mouths!! Have a great week.

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It was so interesting reading about how you do a medical diagnosis and the CPR advice was good too, thanks! My husband did a first aid course last week and is terrified of actually needing to do it. The food your mum made looks delicious and the mountains look so peaceful.

Liked by 1 person

Yeah, now that i’ve learnt it, i’m scared of ending up in a situation i’m quite qualified for 😢 Inshallah he’ll do great if he’s in that situation. Thanks for the compliments 😁


The studies seem to be going well, great advice for choking, it’s always a worry with the children, I had to learn cpr as a student nurse but have never had to administer it, but its always good to know how. The food looks delicious, and puns are certainly very popular, my son is currently studying games development and film and Tv, so his are all based around those topics!

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