Bismillah Hir Rahman Ir Raheem

Peace and blessings be upon you all


In a kaleidoscope I live
setting root in the luscious soil,
flourishing as a flower of multitudes of rays

I come from many colours,
growing with the leaves
reflecting the sky
soaring with the birds & bees
creating spectrums with the Aurora

My every wavelength yearns for the light
waiting to be set free
accelerating to people’s hearts
as I collide with the retinas

I come from many colours,
we all come from many colours
…….but our colours are never in synch

Not one person I’ve met who reflects the same colours as I do
grows with the leaves as I do
reflects the sky as I do
soars with the birds & bees as I do
creates spectrums with the Aurora as I do

Lives as I do
sings as I do
yearns as I do
cherishes as I do

They come from many colours
but their only one wavelength is within my grasp
within my understanding
the remaining spectrum simply engulfs me
traps me into a never ending void
suffocating me into isolation yet never leaving me alone

I don’t know if I can comprehend having a ‘best friend’
Some of our colours follow each other, race and revolve around each other
While the rest repel each other with such might
grasping my neck
suffocating me into another dimension
never keeping us in synch

I am from many colours. Why?
I never settle for one spectrum, one collection of frequencies and wavelength
never one cauldron of shades and patterns

I live with fragments of everyone’s colours
grow with their flowers as well as the leaves
reflect the moon and stars as well as the sky
soar with the wind as well as the birds and bees
create spectrums with the shadows as well as the Aurora

My colours live as one’s do
sings as another does
yearns as another
& cherishes as completely another

I am many colours
I am everyone’s colours
thriving from drops of each spectrum

yet I live alone
sing alone
yearn alone
cry alone
scream alone
cherish alone

But, darling
I can exclaim
as I am
with my lips sealed