Project 366

Project 366 2020 – WEEK 47

Bismillah Hir Rahman Ir Raheem

Peace and blessings be upon you all

Sunday, 15th November

I’ve started reading a new Urdu novel, Jannat Kai Pattay (Leaves of Heaven) that a friend recommended me to read. I like the style of the writing and the story is good so far, although it has already started off with suspense and is very weird in a few places. Let’s see how it turns out.

Monday, 16th November

His Dark Materials season 2 has been released!!! Two episodes have come out and so far so good. Finally I can see the second book of this trilogy comes to life, although I would’ve loved a more expressive Lyra like the one in the movie The Golden Compass. I’m glad they showed Lyra moving the dials to each symbol on the alethiometer (the instrument that tells the truth). An episode is released every Sunday so am excited to watch it!

Tuesday, 17th November

I went out for some winter shopping as the shivering cold season just showed up one day and now I’m shivering like anything. I went here to Nishat Linen where every stitched kameez of theirs also had a matching stitched face mask with them. Even the kameez I got (not this one) had one and it looked pretty cool.

Wednesday, 18th November

Since I’ve given up coffee since last week, I’ve started appreciating a nice cup of mixed chai (tea) that I’m going to start binge drinking, because of its warmth and taste.

Thursday, 19th November

After having partied so much after my sister’s Nikkah, I’ve decided to head back to the library to study for my annual professional exams that will take place by the end of December. I reach there at 8am and leave around 12 hours later so I manage to cover a lot of content. I took along biryani with me for lunch because it is delicious and I get satiated quickly so hunger isn’t distracting my concentration. I had a cup of mixed tea as well and saw a big, orange and white stray cat scare away a small black and gray cat to steal the bones I had leftover from my biryani. Weird experience but it was nice to be entertained.

Friday, 20th November

When the library is so cold and the Sun brings a lot of heat to the cool winter day.

Saturday, 21st November

It’s just me ‘chilling’ at the library today with my textbook showing reactions of photoreceptors, a water bottle and hidden on the side is my phone with my earphones to jam to, random tissue paper and extra socks to keep my feet warm. Happy studying(ish)!!

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13 replies on “Project 366 2020 – WEEK 47”

Ohh! We have been watching the second series of His Dark Materials. It is so good. I had no interest in it at all at the beginning but I’ve been hooked since the first episode of season 1! We get episode 3 tomorrow πŸ™‚
It has got colder here too. I need some new cosy jumpers, I think. What a gorgeous item of clothing. The matching face mask sounds fantastic.
I hope the studying goes well. Good luck! x

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i jsut can’t drink chai, it’ doesn’t taste right to me and every place i visit makes it differently, Egypt is the worse as they make it with loose tea and don’t strain the leaves out the milk, yuk. I saw abayas with matching face masks in Dubai, hope you got your winter wardrobe shopping sorted

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I haven’t made it ever but for mixed chai/ tea, you boil water then add the tea once it is boiled. After some time with good mixing, add milk or Everyday powder and mix well. Then voila, i think 😁


such a shame the library is so cold. I found during my studies it was easier to study there than at home as less distractions. 12 hrs is a long shift to study, 3 and I was struggling.
Your lunch looks yummy.

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That looks like a very tasty biriyani! I’m quite jealous you had that for your lunch, it would have definitely fuelled you for the day! I tried to get into His Dark Materials but couldn’t, maybe I need to give it another try! I hope your sister is enjoying married life! πŸ™‚ Sim x

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I love that the kameez comes with a matching face mask. I gave up coffee during Lent this year and now much prefer tea. That biryani you had for lunch looks yummy. Love the His Dark Materials trilogy – not seen any of the series of it though. Another thing to add to the β€˜need to watch’ list! #project366

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I hope the studying is going well, I use to pull 12 hour days at uni too. I do like chai but I tend to only drink it when I am out and since I can not remember the last time I went to a coffee shop I have been missing it. I wonder if I could get some for home!

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Ooh I love the kameez with the matching face mask, that’s a genius idea ! I love the mixing of tradition with new requirements. The biryani looks lovely – I haven’t made one for ages and now I want one ! Hope your studying went well – 12 hours is a very long time !

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