Project 366

Project 366 2020 – WEEK 44

Bismillah Hir Rahman Ir Raheem

Peace and blessings be upon you all

Sunday, 25th October

I finally took out the time to nominate fellow Muslimah Bloggers for Muslimah Blogger Awards.

Monday, 26th October

I’ve got a lot of basket designing work to do, which is a lot yet it is fun to do. I played around with the glue gun for the first time. It’s an electric gun that you connect to a socket so that it melts the glue tube, for about 5 minutes, so you can apply the glue from the nozzle onto whatever surface you like. When the translucent glue tube that you see above finished, you add another tube to it.

Tuesday, 27th October

Yesterday in college, we learnt how to test visual acuity, i.e the ability of the eyes to distinguish between two closely located objects. For distant vision, the usual Snellen’s Chart is used or the chart with E facing in different directions is used. Normal distant vision is recorded as 6/6, i.e the person can read at 6m distance what a normal person reads at 6m, or 20/20, i.e the same principle but in feet.

For near vision, the patient is told to place this paper at about an arm’s length distance and read the smallest possible sentence. Similar ratio measurement is used to record the person’s visual acuity but in centimeters. For me, if I take my glasses off, I wouldn’t be able to read any of this.

Wednesday, 28th October

I came to Centaurus Shopping Mall for some shoe shopping.

Thursday, 29th October

As my sister’s getting married soon, we had to fill in the required details in the draft of the Nikkah Nama, i.e the legal document that certifies that a man and a woman become husband and wife, respectively. Once approved from both sides, the official document is made. There are many clauses to this, such as the amount of Mehr, i.e monetary gift to the bride given by husband, given during the Nikkah or in the event of divorce, right for the wife to give divorce, on what conditions can divorce cannot be given by either spouse, is the groom previously married and if so did he ask permission from his first wife for this Nikkah, etc. Furthermore, there’s a clause where the bride can demand anything from the groom, hence this document is a great asset to the bride.

For Muslims out there who are getting ready to be married, it is important that they should read the document carefully and fill it out carefully. In the past, many women (even men) didn’t read it properly and regretted it as they realized that when they wanted divorce, they weren’t able to give it but had to demand it from their husbands, which is called Khulla. Often times, the Maulvi who carried out the Nikkah would actually cross out this clause, not allowing women to consider this option (pretty sick, I know). Hence as this is a legal document, any injustice done related to this has to be taken up at court. Further details can be read here.

Friday, 30th October

Today was Eid Milad-un-Nabi, the birthday of our Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (SAW). On this day, Muslims do not do anything special (atleast that’s supposed to be the case, otherwise Muslims here carry out parades throughout the cities). However, this day is a great reminder for Muslims to remember the Message of Allah that he preached and follow on his footsteps. I decided to watch a 1.5 hour animated movie about his life. I watched this movie a long time ago when I was very young and really enjoyed it. It felt nice to watch it again.

Saturday, 31st October

Buying more decorative materials!!

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10 replies on “Project 366 2020 – WEEK 44”

I’m always fascinated by eye tests. Now I know why it’s called 20/20 vision! I’d struggle nowadays as I’m long sighted and now have reading glasses for small writing like on food packs. Can’t read those at all now unless they’re black text on bright white background in good light.

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Ahh! My youngest loves making things with our glue gun! I’m really surprised she hasn’t stuck herself to things before now.
Learning about eye tests sound interesting and the legal documents to do with your sisters wedding is so interesting too. It sounds like the document is fantastic for the bride. I have heard about Muslims not being allowed to divorce before and it really is sick! x

Liked by 1 person

Oh wow look at all those materials I would be in my element! That document is very interesting I think it would be a good idea to have one here too. Not that I am planning on divorcing my husband but I think it would help people enter into marriage more openly.

Liked by 1 person

Glue guns are great – ours gets quite a lot of use! I’d struggle to read that sheet without my glasses too. The Nikkah Nama sounds like a complicated document – definitely one to make sure that you read properly and fill out very carefully. #project366

Liked by 1 person

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