Project 366

Project 366 2020 – WEEK 43

Bismillah Hir Rahman Ir Raheem

Peace and blessings be upon you all

Sunday, 18th October

Here’s probably the best picture I can give you of the landscape around the motorway as we’re speeding through it to Lahore at around 100km/h.

Monday, 19th October

My sister’s getting married soon!!! Yippy!! May Allah grant her a long, happy marriage and may she be at peace always, Ameen. We’ve come to Lahore to check out some jewellery and bridal and formal clothes to see what we like and how we should come about our budget. We’re checking out jewellery here at Karat Jewellers.

Tuesday, 20th October

A click of the shopping destinations at M.M.Alam Road.

Wednesday, 21st October

We met up with a few friends today for brunch at Awesamosas, a funny twist of words combining Awesome with Samosas. The food there is delicious; if you ever find yourself in Lahore, don’t forget to satiate your stomach with the amazing dishes here; dam ka keema, butter chicken, caramelised onion, nutella chocolate and apple pie samosas, their chicken and beef burgers, paratha rolls and it would be a sin not to start your meal with goll gappays with pani purri, and to top it off with Karak KhoobsuratTea.

With our friends, we had goll gappays with pani purri, butter chicken and caramlised onion samosas, beef burger, chicken tenders and apple pie samosas. Truly divine!

The picture above is part of the wall of the restaurant designed as a shutter. The painting above is of a samosa and the text above says the following (although it sounds better in Urdu as it rhymes):

By Allah’s Grace, the samosa is hot!


Thursday, 22nd October

We’re on our way back home to Islamabad after a lot of intense shopping; but why not another dose of Awesamosas? Hence, we went there again for some burgers and ended it with some Karak KhoobsuratTea.

Friday, 23rd October

My days of eating out, which have started since the weddings I attended last week, are not over yet! I met up with my college squad at BLT today and enjoy a scrumptious, wholesome, cheese oozing, BLT Homemade Beef Burger. After a lot of divine indulgence, I officially need to chill.

Saturday, 24th October

Here’s another day cruising through the streets of Islamabad.

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By Andale Seaworne

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Congratulations to your sister I hope you found all your needed within budget. Weddings are such a happy time. Looks like you did well on the eating out front. The burger looks delicious.

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