Bismillah Hir Rahman Ir Raheem

Peace and blessings be upon you all

Alhamdulillah my poem “I Recall- An Ode To Memories Past” has been featured in Perspective Magazine! In the poem, I’ve highlighted my childhood memories with a poetic twist. Check out the page or click the link below to read it! What childhood memories are you very fond of or had an impact in your life? Let me know in the comments 😇😇😇

“I recall bus rides to school

Fame was within my reach and my performance was anticipated………………….. Vomiting everyday on my way to school

I still hear the audience’s voice rise with emotion as they witness the highlight of their day”

Andale Seaworne writes a poem on her recollection of childhood memories

Link to my poem: I Recall An Ode To Memories Past

By Andale Seaworne

21. Pakistani. Muslim. People call me tubelight. Life is a roller coaster life but if you focus on the ups in life and have faith, life will be beautiful
Thoughts about things happening in everyday life stored in bubbles, waiting for the right time to burst out 😊
Loves McFlurry, Cheese and every food except green chilli, yoghurt, wasabi and humus 😎
Loves books and learning new things
Basketball girl 🏀
Helping out those in need
Holding no expectations, making no comparisons. We are all people of many colours. Accept us for who we are without labels

10 replies on “I Recall An Ode To Memories Past – MY GUEST POST ON PERSPECTIVE MAGAZINE”

Loved reading the poem ❤ childhood memories are always randomly triggered, sometimes good and sometimes bad. I think since I'm studying child psychology my memories get triggered a lot. We don't realise how important anything that happens in our childhood shapes who we become as adults. (

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I agree. The main chunk of our personality forms in the first couple of years of childhood so one’s experiences and behavior in adult life can stem from childhood. It’s so awesome that you’re studying child psychology. I love psychology and I plan to be a psychiatrist Inshallah


Ahh Nostalgia! This is beautiful! Took down the memory lane. I miss having the lunch together with friends and the library hours, the morning assembly and the list goes on and on! 😅 Btw.. Congratulations to you on the feature! Ma shaa Allah 💖

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My childhood memories are when it was Ramadan and dad would be working late. I should have been asleep but I used to creep downstairs and get some food with him. Mum wouldn’t really approve but dad never said anything! SO many memories

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