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If you’re a gamer, especially a PS4 gamer, then you must’ve played, come across or heard of this exciting, mind boggling game called Detroit: Become Human. If you haven’t heard of it, I’ll tell you about it while trying not to give any spoilers, just a small introduction you get within the first 10 minutes of the game and a basic review. Below the picture in this post, I’ll tell you how my story ended and you can let me know in the comments section what your endings were, if you’ve played it. So without further adieu, here we go.

Detroit: Become Human takes place in the metropolitan city of Detroit where the number of human residents in the city is equated with about an equal number of ‘non-human’ residents, atleast that’s how it appears in the game. These non-human residents are called androids.

Androids. Man-made beings possessing artificial intelligence that are created, bought and used by people to run mundane errands such as picking up groceries, dropping kids to school as well as complex tasks as IT specialists and detectives. In the game, you play the ‘lives’ of three Androids, two ‘men’ and one ‘woman’.

What I love about this game:

The best thing about this game is that it’s one where your choices effect the outcome. You are put in multiple situations where you are given options, like an MCQ, to choose how to go about them. You can choose to lie or tell the truth. You can be loyal to a person/Android or consider them your enemy. You can kill or be killed. The combination of all those choices will eventually determine the outcome and reaction of the recipient, the outcome which is revealed right after you choose or many chapters later and that outcome can be miniscule or game-changing.

You play the game in a series of chapters, playing each Android one by one. Once you’ve completed a chapter, a flowchart of your choices is present, which shows your choices written but also shows empty boxes at the end which indicate how many possible endings you can have. It doesn’t tell you the ending or the other possible choices that lead to it which is great for me that it lets me explore the game more and see how vast the experiences can be. In addition, if your PS4 is connected live, it can show you your friends’ stats and world stats to know what percentage of people made one choice and how was the outcome. As a result, all three characters can have multiple endings.

As the game progresses, you can tell the game expands and becomes more complex and the flow charts expand and inter-link even more.

The game has a nice balance of passive and aggressive experiences. Violence is present in almost every game and is often essential as it gives you the adrenaline rush to think and move fast. However, the passive experiences are even more significant as you have to make the choices, many of which are stressful and even if you think you chose the ‘right’ option, if that’s even a thing, you can’t completely determine other people’s reaction. I suppose that’s the same with people. No matter what you do, they will react to you the same way and it’s not like you deserve gratitude or are to blame either.

In addition, because you play three different Androids, you have three different roles and objectives and the game explains the story in a very simple manner that you do not forget what happened prior and the task is clear yet you need to think hard. In addition, you make the choice between deciding to play as an Android, as the character or as yourself, a human.

Furthermore, the game does have an important explorative aspect. When you play, it’s best that you look around for clues, objects of importance and an idea of your surroundings because it helps you understand the normality in the game, to what extent Androids are blended into society and how the situation changes in Detroit as the game progresses. Importantly, this information aids you in making decisions and gives you further options to choose from in the future.

The music is so amazing it makes me want to cry.

By the end of the game, you fill a survey about whether you feel empathy or any connection to the AI. Strange, isn’t it? The game presents a wonderful expression of the debate of the consciousness of the AI.

What I dislike about this game:

However, I do have a few negative opinions of the game. One is that often the options given are unclear. In a few scenarios, the vocabulary of the options was complex that I had to search through the Internet to understand what they meant.

In addition, in some places, a lot of options are often the same and neutral with only one or two on opposite poles. It may be fine as they may not want the stress the gamer too much but then it limits what angle we want to go for and what directions the game has to offer.

Furthermore, the options are not what you will say but how you will say it, such as Calm or Determined or Blunt but you are not clearly aware of what they will say in that tone. There’s a nice vagueness to it but when the situations is sensitive, you want to make sure you make the decision you want. Options such as Truth is also vague depending on what fact you will tell; that I know about your plan and you should stop or that you need to take a bath because you stink.

Nevertheless, it’s an amazing one of a kind game that will remain as one of my favorites.


Disclaimer: SPOILERS ALERT!!




Now I’ll tell you how my game story went:


I was able to save the hostage girl and calm down the Android who had taken the girl hostage so that the sniper could kill him/it.

I had a mostly positive relationship with Hank as Conner and maintained my loyalty with Amanda, although Amanda’s relationship with Connor was less than trusted. At Eden Club (where I pointed the camera down and tried to evade my eyes as much as I could because that place was gross), I shot the Traci but managed to avoid being shot at afterwards by Hank. Interesting fact, did you know that the blue haired Traci is Bryan Dechart (Connor)’s wife, Amelia Rose Blaire? Loving them already!

I was able to find Jericho from the Tracis. I took off the head of the orange-haired Traci and pretend I was her so that the blue haired Traci would show her arm to tell me where it was. That was very shocking, I had no idea it would be that creepy. My siblings still judge me for doing that.

At CyberLife Warehouse, Hank lived and he had to choose which Connor was the one he knew. He asked multiple questions of their experiences and finally asked what his son’s name was. I didn’t remember his son’s name nor asked Hank about it earlier but Connor had scanned his picture so the open lock icon was displayed beside Cole so I chose Cole. It’s quite a sad story but it’s commendable that although Hank was outspoken against Androids, he wasn’t in favour of the suspect Androids being caught and Connor getting killed in the process, no matter how grumpy he appeared. Hank, I love you.

I died twice as Connor; the first at the TV Station where I saved Hank. The second was by the very end of the game when Connor ended up leading the Android Revolution after he freed all the Androids from CyberLife. Amanda tried to control him but I already knew where the escape switch Kamski mentioned was on (as I kept on playing with it every time I met Amanda, suspicious of it) so I pressed it and Connor was able to shoot himself in front of all the Androids to avoid being controlled. Smooth, right?


One reason I was very excited to play this game was that Jesse Williams who plays Avery in Grey’s Anatomy would play as one of the lead Androids.

After Markus became deviant, I didn’t fight back Carl’s son. I later found out that if I did, Carl would’ve lived (Homer Simpson is shouting Doh! in the background).

I made the stupid decision at CyberLife Warehouse of not letting the new deviant come with us because I realized he could’ve saved Markus afterwards.

I didn’t kill anyone at the TV Station and when I was broadcasting, I felt the urge to say Androids wanted reproductive rights to see how shocked people would be! However, I wanted to play well. I had decided not to save Simon at the first option because I thought I could be killed then. I later realized he could’ve lived and been caught or lived and returned.

I planned to carry out a pacifist revolution and avoided killing anyone. However, that failed because at the protest walk, I sacrificed myself not thinking Markus would actually die! I later found out the deviant at CyberLife Warehouse could’ve saved Markus. Doh! Hence my game ended sooner than usual as I couldn’t play as him.

After that, North took over and the revolution followed her violent ideology. By the end, North was killed and Connor was told to take over as leader after he freed the Androids. Also, Connor blew up Jericho to save the Androids, instead of Markus.


After Kara ran away with Alice, I checked out all three possible resting places to see where they could stay. I avoided the motel as I didn’t have money and getting money meant robbing the store and they’d attract the attention of the police. I didn’t stay at the abandoned house with the troubled robot because he had the tendency to harm Alice and considering how unpredictable the game could be, I chose to be safe. Instead, I chose the abandoned car. The worst someone could do was kick them out and Kara and Alice could possibly run.

I chose white hair for Kara. It suited her.

Only when half the time had passed did I realize I could free Kara from the clutches at the mad guy’s basement so Kara’s memory was erased. However, the game gave clues for her to regain her memory and find and save Alice. I managed to maneuver around the chairs and tables before being caught at the stairs.

At Rose’s place (do you know Rose acts as one of the help in Django Unchained and as a skilled person in Midnight Special? I came across her a few days ago on TV), when the police cop came, I accidentally pressed the button that told Alice and Luther to hide in the kitchen which was stupid as they ended up being caught. Both Luther and the cop were killed. I played the chapter again and told Alice and Luther to hide upstairs. I hid all three pieces of evidence and when the cop asked if anyone else was in the house, I chose to tell the truth when I could and say that my ‘daughter’ was. A few seconds later, sound came from upstairs and I was glad that I told the truth as the cop said, “It looks like your daughter is awake.”otherwise he would’ve gone upstairs and killed them. Hence, no one died.

It was honestly quite a shocker when I found out Alice was an Android. I was skeptical when she wasn’t hungry after having been on the run and in the cold for days, but I thought she had eaten spaghetti at Rose’s house. In addition, if Kara had read the magazine at Todd’s house, shouldn’t she have known Alice was an Android? Did she choose to deny it? Can’t Androids tell the difference between humans and themselves?

Luther ended up getting killed by a firing squad and I chose not to save him as there were too many people. I have a feeling that in any case, Luther would be killed one way or another.

At the bus station, I felt like being the good person and returned the fallen ticket to the couple. In addition, I had a feeling that stations would have check points so they could be caught. I came across Todd and Kara narrated his sad story. Since I didn’t head to the bus, I came across Rose and his son at the station and headed to the river.

Alice got shot by the river border patrol. Kara had to push the sinking boat across the river to Canada as all her bio-components started damaging. Kara held Alice in her arms as Alice asked her if they were free now in her low, weak voice. Kara said yes. And Alice died in her arms. In that scene, you have a choice for Kara to commit suicide by turning herself off or live in a new land alone. I chose alone because at least someone should live!

_ _ _ _ _ _ _

What do you think about Detroit: Become Human? How were your endings of the game? I’m really excited to know the expanse of this game so please, do leave and comment and I will reply πŸ˜€

P.S. Do check out this cool video of the making of Detroit: Become Human:

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Awesome thank you for sharing! First off great job lowering your gaze. Unfortunately, there are so many normalized things in video games that are harmful so I am very proud of you for doing your best to avoid evils. Awesome review I really enjoyed reading it. It’s been a while since I’ve played so it was nice to remember so many exciting moments from the game. My ending I honestly can’t remember completely other than the fact I was disappointed in it hahaha!

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You’re welcome, this was for you πŸ™‚ thank you for the support; true, they have become too normalised and I didn’t play the game again to avoid having to go through the club chapter. I’m really glad you liked it. Disappointed? You and me both!

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