Project 366

Project 366 2020 – WEEK 25

Bismillah Hir Rahman Ir Raheem

Peace and blessings be upon you all

Sunday, 14th June

I made a drawing of the third ventricle, which is located in the midline of the base of the brain, along with its surrounding structures. I think I did pretty well, if you consider a simple drawing although my teacher said I made a very bad drawing. Your thoughts? You

Monday, 15th June

In one of the online lectures of Neurosciences, our professor put up this picture of an actual cadaveric brain and my mind got so absorbed into the picture as to the beauty of perhaps the most important organ in our body. The folds, lines, shapes, patterns, colours and details are definitely features to ponder over.

Tuesday, 16th June

I enjoyed some delicious nihari with naan. Mmmmmmmm…….

Wednesday, 17th June

Here’s a diagram of how much of the cortex of the brain is dedicated to which group of muscles of which part of the body; otherwise called a homunculus. It’s interesting as you may expect that the representation of the body in the brain should have the same proportions as the actual body but it’s not so. The hands and face occupy half of the motor cortex as they are used most often and for skillful functions like writing, drawing, vocalisation, facial expressions, etc. as compared to the muscles of the back which don’t exhibit a variety of movement. I hope I’m making sense here; I’m explaining medical studies as best as I can.

Thursday, 18th June

We learnt about stroke today and we were taught to look out for these signs to determine if one is undergoing a stroke as every second is precious as brain cells start irreversibly dying and can lead to death within a couple of minutes. Here’s the four key things to do to identify a stroke patient.

Friday, 19th June

I baked a cake from the same recipe as that of the cupcakes I baked last week because apparently the recipe of the frosting for the cupcakes was 3 times more than what was needed so I had to make another batch of cupcakes last week and this cake this week. On the bright side, my family is enjoying three weeks of chocolate-y goodness.

Saturday, 20th June

Back to the pet clinic for both my shih tzu’s vaccinations; one getting a yearly vaccination and the other getting monthly vaccinations. Since they’re a small breed of dogs, their harnesses don’t seem to be available which is annoying as their harnesses are getting old.

Also, the little one kept barking at the ill dogs who were outside in the lawn who were laying down with a drip attached to them…… she seems to be barking at wrong people for the wrong reasons.

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16 replies on “Project 366 2020 – WEEK 25”

It’s all about the brain this week! I think your drawing looks fine, although I’m obviously no expert! It’s interesting to read about the different parts of the brain and controlling the different parts of the body. I had to feel sorry for those poor ill dogs with your little dog barking at them.

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I thought the brain was a mushroom that you’d sliced through ! It’s fascinating. Your drawing looks fine to me and your studies sound really interesting. The chocolate cake sounds and looks great to me – I’ll have to remember that excuse for the icing myself !! lol

Liked by 1 person

Drawing looks fine….we aren’t all artists that can no elaborate drawings.

That picture of the brain is amazing – nice to see some detail.

Cake looks good!

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That looks like a fab drawing, certainly much better than I could ever attempt! Your teacher could have just been having a very grumpy day… ignore them. it is fab!
The brain is certainly very fascinating! On first glance I have to admit to thinking it was a picture of a strange mushroom! πŸ˜‰
That cake looks amazing, I could seriously eat a slice or two of that right now! Sim – Sim’s Life x

Liked by 1 person

Like Cheryl, I though the brain was an exotic mushroom. I cannot say it’s beautiful, but certainly fascinating. I bet your family are very happy with all your chocolate bakes. The cake looks delicious. Your teacher might have been a bit harsh on you. It explains what it represents, and you understand it, so that’s what matters. People who did drawings for medical books in the past, had to study art and medical sciences. It’s not easy.

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Your drawing of the third ventricle looks good to me (not that I can remember very much about the structure of the brain though!) That photo of the cadaveric brain is fascinating and how interesting to see how much space the hands and face occupy in the motor cortex. That chocolate cake looks delicious. #project366

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