Bismillah Hir Rahman Ir Raheem

Peace and blessings be upon you all

Last week, I visited NCA Lahore with my family to see my sibling’s thesis display. Many other students from different departments also displayed their work: Fine Arts, Visual Communication and Design, Visual Arts, Textile, Musicology, Film Making, Print Making, Ceramics and Architecture. We visited all the displays except for architecture as we didn’t get enough time.

The thesis will be displayed till 12th January so if you’re in Lahore and haven’t checked it out, go there now! Also, if you have enough money and find something you really like it, do try to support these artists by buying their work or recommending/offering them opportunities to excel in their fields.

Here are the highlights of the thesis (hence there is much more to see. I’m not giving away all the spoilers):

Fine Arts

‘I Hate My Father’

This drawing was made by a color-blind student

These matches and rolled pieces of flatbread/naan (called Nivaale) were drawn and painted! As you can see on the white card above, there is a round spot at the corner indicating that it has been bought and will be given to the owner after the 12th

The student who made this wanted to express how history is written by those who are more powerful and who have won battles, hence it is not always history but their visit of history. Hence, history is as distorted as the random swishes of line on this work.

The above and below works are made by the process of etching, which includes drawing out these figures followed by dipping the whole canvas into acid which gives out the black colour. Depending on how much of the ingredient you use, different shades of black are made.
Finally, on a manual print machine, this canvas is rolled out on a fresh piece of canvas.

The artist used gouache for this work; making raw pieces of meat look presentable.

This above is a lovely piece of a very talented miniature artist, showing houses from different angles. One of her works, I think this one, has been bought along with two others.

The artist for this video made up all the objects of clay by hand. He would move each object slightly then take a picture, making up a whole film with a story.

The artist for this work wanted to show what lies behind shutters. It could be a single person or an entire classroom.

This was made from graphite

This artist made multiple paintings of people being groomed, threading, hair cutting, shaving, you name it. A couple of her paintings have been bought with buyers fighting over one specifically (not this one). Also, the artist has really long nails on her left hand

Eyes are windows to the soul, each with its own story.

The artist for this played around with the geometry and patterns of the breast. It touched her personally as she and her family have a history of breast-related disorders (not sure if it was cancer or not) hence they play an important significance in her life

This artist did collage work and played with the concept of dystopia and how technology has influenced everyone. She used different mediums, images and techniques to explain her concept in different collages. Two of her pieces have already been bought.

Visual Communication and Design

The mattress doesn’t look comfy now, does it?

The artist for this VCD work had an interesting concept; the black stick was too heavy that you had to support its weight rather than it supporting yours, and the white stick was dangling from the ceiling and made of a rubber-like material.
Each object is made and named relevant to its purpose. If the stick can’t fulfill its purpose, should it be called a stick? Or something else?

How many thoughts does one have in a day? What would it look like if you could see every trail of thought?

Textile and Design

Multiple scarves have been designed based on the visual representation of schizophrenia, as a way of spreading awareness of mental health in a beautiful way. The patterns, colours, contorted faces all give an essence of the disorder. If I had money, I’d buy them!

Glow in the dark dyes

The designer from Swat made this coat and the fabric above as homage to the services of the armed forces in eradicating terrorism that plagued their city for many years. Homage is paid to all the women who made their living during those tough times by opening up small business and making money for their families through their crafts.


Visual Art

The artist for this work made a couple of unique boxes indicating different stereotypic labels of people: maraasi (dancer) slut, queer and burger (meaning pampered and spoilt people). When on open each box, it can show a typewriter, a book, prayer beads, etc. basically telling us that people are much more than what we claim them to be and there’s much more than meets the eye. That is a lovely message we all must learn

These picture show the different stages of life a transgender faces in society

Whatever aspect of your life you focus on effects how you feel everyday. In the end, your decision matters

After the opening of Kartarpur Corridor and opening of the Mizar of Guru Nanak, many Sikhs from India and from different parts of the world have come to Pakistan to visit the holy shrine of one of the most (or perhaps most) important personalities in their faith. To honour the Sikhs, this student designed an app that will help these pilgrims find out location to important holy sites. It also will show them the exact path that Guru Nanak took in Pakistan. The artist reached out to many Sikhs who really appreciated this endeavor. If this comes live, it will help many Sikhs

I was really mesmerised by this artist’s work. He designed a way to teach Classical singing easily by writing a composition similar to how musical compositions to play different instruments are designed. This script emphasises the lengthening and shortening of syllables, the different tones in classical singing and much more. It is truly interesting and the artist explains it best

What do you see in the blocks above and below?

The artist for this designed and effective way for children to express their emotions (black block) when they can’t put them into words and help them decide how to express, control or deal with their emotions (white block)

Here’s a fun way of playing Jenga and getting to know your players!

There are many books of Braille but is there a book where blind people not only can read the text but can hear or feel the story take them into their world? This artist achieved this obstacle but representing pictorial information (which can also be felt) by sound. When you move your finger across he Braille text, a red light turns on at a text indicating a sound word and you hear the sound. For e.g in this text, your hear the sound of he bird when you get to baby bird ‘crying’ The artist tested this on multiple students and they enjoyed it.
She also designed a pen from which you can feel whatever you wrote or drew. She also plans to try to explain the concept of colour to blind students

This artist came up with a beautiful concept of presenting Islam and Sufism in the form of geometric shapes and patterns. Here, he showed how Lover, Beloved and Love can be shown with their geometric patterns superimposed with each other. There are three slides for each word which can be moved to show the pattern of each word.
He also made a book explaining Sufi philosophy in geometric patterns. He also made five banners which explain the beauty of Islam under the headings:
Physical bodies, Intelligence, Power, Absolute Unity, Absolute He-ness

Product Design

The Product Design thesis was presented here at Tollenton Market location adjacent to NCA. Many years ago, this market used to sell fish, meat and poultry. Now this market has been given to NCA.

This designer came up with an interesting and useful design of gloves, especially one type of gloves which can generate heat by batteries. This can prove useful for snowy mountain climbers. By using graphite powder, he came up with a very cheap design of gloves. There I realized gloves are often made by plucking the feathers of chickens, etc.! Chemicals are given to such animals so that they can shed their feathers easily. I can’t believe it!!

This designer came up with a portable, compact means of household gardening. There are separate compartments within a shelf where plants can be put and factors such as temperature can be controlled electrically

Here’s a schematic of an artist’s animated short film.

There is so much more to see. If you’re in Pakistan and interested an art and crafts, get off the coach and head to NCA ASAP!!

Allah Hafiz

By Andale Seaworne

20. Pakistani. Muslim. People call me tubelight. Life is a roller coaster life but if you focus on the ups in life and have faith, life will be beautiful
Thoughts about things happening in everyday life stored in bubbles, waiting for the right time to burst out 😊
Loves McFlurry, Cheese and every food except green chilli, yoghurt, wasabi and humus 😎
Loves books and learning new things
Basketball girl πŸ€
Helping out those in need
Holding no expectations, making no comparisons. We are all people of many colours. Accept us for who we are without labels

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