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Project 365 2019 – WEEK 51

Bismillah Hir Rahman Ir Raheem

Sunday, 15th December

I finally went hiking today at Margalla Hills with a friend after sooooo long of waiting, since before my proff break!! I had to stop once in a while to take a few breaths otherwise the hike was a lot of fun! I’ll be going hiking regularly too (although that depends on how much Careem takes my pocket money).

Monday, 16th December

Hi, flagpole at 6:20am!

Tuesday, 17th December

Hi, college at 4pm!

Wednesday, 18th December

The college took us on a trip to an underprivileged school in a nearby village called Mashal Model School. We were told to play games with the children, give counselling to teenagers related to nutrition, personal hygiene, good & bad touch and sexual abuse, and measure the BMI & upper arm circumference of all the students.

I had a very fun and interesting learning experience with the children. I noticed the children of all ages had no more than 20kg weight which is very low, indicating how malnourished they were.

In addition, when we were educated the teenagers (girls educating girls, and boys educating boys), we noticed that the girls understood everything we said and may have already known it but their parents were hindering their beliefs and what they wanted to do. For e.g when a women is undergoing menstruation, the girls were told neither to have a shower nor to have fruits whereas all these are essential. The girls knew that but their families didn’t.

Furthermore, when mentioning bad touch and sexual abuse, we could tell that this was a reality for them and they would’ve raised their voices but their families and social circle put their voices down. We tried to educate them on how to noticr bad touch and to raise their voice against this injustice.

Thursday, 19th December

A couple of words of wisdom and motivation was written on placards along the main road going across the colony. I came across these words in my early morning jog.

Friday, 20th December

We had a three hour break so my friends and I went to multiple places such as Safa Gold Mall and Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf (where the pizza was very thin as compared to the usual pizzas served in Pakistan).

Saturday, 21st December

My college friends and I went to our friend’s sister’s wedding/baraat. It was wonderful seeing all my friends dress up beautifully in different colours and gowns, and the bride looked absolutely gorgeous in her red and golden gown. (I’m not posting their pictures for their anonymity).

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13 replies on “Project 365 2019 – WEEK 51”

That must have been thought provoking to visit the school. 20kg is extremely light! And how sad that the girls clearly had experience of sexual abuse, yet they hadn’t been listened to.
The wedding venue looks stunning.

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We saw the margalla hills last time we came Pak. Would love to hike up them but a combination of the heat and the kids made it a bad idea.

I had heard the not to shower when menstruating but not about the fruits. It is strange how these ideas come about.

The wedding looks amazing.

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Well done on respecting the bride and groom and not posting their wedding photos. Good work with the education talks, I’ve done similar in South Africa and it amazes me how the information given by parents differs so much from what the children already know

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That sounds like a thought-provoking to visit the school. 20kg seems light. That is awful the girls clearly had an experience of sexual abuse, yet they hadn’t been listened to. Love the wedding venue, looks stunning. x

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