Project 365

Project 365 2019 – WEEK 43 & 44

Bismillah Hir Rahman Ir Raheem

Peace and blessings be upon you all

Hey, everyone!! I’ve combined two weeks of photos because I got so busy and caught up in my never-ending preparations for first year MBBS professional exams that will take place in the coming week. This caused me to lose track of time and made me forget to take many pictures so this post will literally be a gist of what happened in the past two weeks.

A different perspective to my daily breakfast as compared to usual.

This is the library where I’ve been spending six days a week for two weeks studying for my exams. As compared to home, I am less likely to distract myself here and study while jamming to Coke Studio songs on my phone. I take a couple of prayer and lunch breaks in between with my friends.

There’s nothing more comfortable than some warm soft naan to enjoy with some chicken karahi.

Embryology is one of the most difficult subjects to study as it’s mostly memorising the steps that take place in development of embryo. However, it is very interesting to know how we emerge with such complexity from a single zygote. Take this pictures, for example.

This is your development in the beginning of the second week of fertilisation that created you as a zygote. In this week, your name has changed from a zygote to a blastocyst and you are being implanted in your mother’s endometrium lining in the uterus. The amnion and umbilical vesicle are beginning to form here.

When you’re intensely studying, some snacks always tend to cheer you up.

You cannot study Locomotor System without using the atlas. The atlas literally shows you multiple ‘maps’ of the human body. Only through this do you understand how much creations Allah has made an organised in the limited space of the body.

In my opinion, the limbs aren’t as complex as the hands and feet. Take this picture for example. These are just two images showing how many different structures lie within your hand, each with its own purpose. Amazing, isn’t it?

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By Andale Seaworne

21. Pakistani. Muslim. People call me tubelight. Life is a roller coaster life but if you focus on the ups in life and have faith, life will be beautiful
Thoughts about things happening in everyday life stored in bubbles, waiting for the right time to burst out ๐Ÿ˜Š
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Holding no expectations, making no comparisons. We are all people of many colours. Accept us for who we are without labels

10 replies on “Project 365 2019 – WEEK 43 & 44”

Good luck with your exams. The preparation for them have to come before blogging. It sounds like a good idea to study in the library where there is less distractions!
The structure of the hands and feet are amazing. There is so much to them! Fascinating! x

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Good luck with the exams! You have so much to learn. I am amazed at the detail in everything. You have worked so hard for it and you really deserve to do well.

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