Project 365 2019 – WEEK 34

Bismillah Hir Rahman Ir Raheem

Peace and blessings be upon you all

Sunday, 18th August

I went to watch a movie with my family. It was just meant to be a girl’s night out but I accidently got a ticket for Baba as well so he had to come along (my mistake). I liked the visuals and effects of the movies. The acting was good but our film industry needs to improve on the storyline.

Monday, 19th August

My drawing of the microstructure of the bronchi and lungs copied from the picture shown in the previous week’s post.

Tuesday, 20th August

I have been having some sore throat for a few days that hurts whenever I swallow or take a deep breath so I went to the hospital. I got pharyngitis and here’s my prescription. After studying in medical college, I noticed I never really asked or wondered what illness I had. The doctor would simply give me the medicines and be done with it. Only when I asked about it did she tell me what it was; and considering I am currently studying Respiratory System and the pharynx is a part of it, it was important for me to know.

Wednesday, 21st August

This is one of the entrances to a masjid in a colony I used to live in. A couple of Art students designed this and it looks really beautiful. Along with the design, some verses from the Holy Quran are written on the domes and on the blue strip on and around the masjid.

Thursday, 22nd August

A friend couldn’t finish her chicken wing so I finished it for her. It’s annoying when people buy food but can’t completely finish it. Either they waste it or I have to finish it. They don’t consider the alternative of saving it and eating it later.

Friday, 23rd August

I finally finished the season Manifest. I saw the trailer of this show a long time ago. I remembered its name from a blogger from Project 365 who’s watching it. The show is quite interesting. It revolves around a family returning from Jamaica. Half of the family take a different flight at around the same time but one half of them reaches their destination in New York 5 and a half years later.

Saturday, 24th August

Nice view of an avalanche in a planet of the apes.

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