Project 365

Project 365 2019 – WEEK 31

Bismillah Hir Rahman Ir Raheem

Peace and blessings be upon you all

Sunday, 28th July

I attended a play written by Anwar Maqsood, an esteemed poet and script writer. The play’s name was “Naach Na Jaaney” (Doesn’t know how to dance), prequel of “Aangan Tera” (The ground is uneven); there’s an idiom that includes both in one sentence: He doesn’t know how to dance because the ground is uneven.

It was a funny and interesting story that held my attention till the end. The main lead, Yasir Hussain, who acted as a transgender servant, did amazing acting; so did Chaudhry’s sister (the women in the pink dupatta/scarf, the fourth person from the left side) and a dancer (the man in a colourful shirt and white pants with a small ponytail, seventh person from the right. There was plenty of dancing, which was exciting (a dragon head was also used), and even a tiny role of Imran Khan, our current Prime Minister, shown in a comical manner.

Monday, 29th July

Today is the start of Respiratory System Module and our course director tends to add some famous quotes and poetry in his presentation slides. This is one of them. I’ll try to translate it as best as I can:

There’s this world, there’s the next world

Between these two worlds

Is a single breath

This world, if there’s a breath

The next world, if there’s no breath

Tuesday, 30th July

One of the primitive ways of determining if someone is dead or alive was by assessing their breathing.

Wednesday, 31st July

So……Julius Caesar fell for a long nose?????

Thursday, 1st August

I went to Centaurus Mall in F-8 Sector in Islamabad for a promotional event of a Pakistani film releasing in 9th August, before Eid ul Azha called ‘Parey Hut Love’. I’m not interested in going to premieres of Pakistani films as it’s basically engaging with the audience and I’ve come at a point in my life where I don’t get obsessive over fans, and the films are mostly romantic comedies, which I’m not a fan of and usually involves vulgarity at some level; but one of the actor’s is Mama’s friend’s son so we went. It’s the first movie promotional event that I’ve been to, which was interesting.

I prefer the more serious Pakistani films like Bol, Khuda Key Liye, Manto and Verna.

Actors: Shahbaz Shigri on the extreme left,

Maya Ali on the extreme right

Friday, 2nd August

The moon has been sighted, signifying the start of the next Holy month, Zil Hajj, the month where millions of Muslims all over the world travel for sacred pilgrimage of Hajj, to the Holy city of Makkah in Saudi Arabia. May Allah accept their worship, forgive their sins, strengthen their faith and keep them on the straight path. Ameen.

Saturday, 3rd August

I love reading books so my friends recommended me a book by the name of Sally Lockhart. Here’s its description.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

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11 replies on “Project 365 2019 – WEEK 31”

I like the sound of the event at the mall. My husbands travel to Saudi for work is halted for Hajj, so we’ve been moon spotting also. Also with Eid Al Hadar coming up Dubai gets very busy and expensive and trying to get flights out is almost impossible

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What a poignant poem about the two worlds. I think Pascal meant that Cleopatra had a perfect nose, rather than a long one, so if she looked less perfect, Ceasar might have not fallen for her. Like the sound of Sally Lockhart book, will add it to my wish list on amazon.

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