Project 365

Project 365 2019 – WEEK 27

Bismillah Hir Rahman Ir Raheem

Peace and blessings be upon you all

Sunday, 30th June

Today, the NGO I work with in college, VFAHT (Volunteer Force Against Hepatitis Transmission) went to CDA hospital to spread awareness about hepatitis, what it is, how it is transferred, its symptoms and negative effects on the body, prevention and curation. I thought people wouldn’t be that interested but when we asked them to fill pre-evaluation forms, they did that. Then they all listened attentively and nodding to the lecture. Then they asked questions at the end of the lecture. It was wonderful that they were so involved in tjis session.

Then we made them fill post-evaluation forms to find out how much they understood and it was evident that they all learnt something. We helped out those who couldn’t read and write or understand the questions. Some of the patients stopped and told us about their story, family history, why they were here, etc. which was quite surprising as people aren’t normally that open here. I had a full fledged conversation with a patient of her life and mine while I was helping her fill her form. When we lef the hospital, I waved her goodbye.

It was truly and wonderful and memorable learning experience. We all had a great time.

Then my friends and I went out for lunch at Asian Wok, a Chinese restaurant.

Monday, 1st July

Here’s another click, during my walk with my dog, of the plant whose name I still don’t know.

Tuesday, 2nd July

Mama told me to use one of these pouches as a statinary pouch for college. I mean, I already act like a 7 year old often but I don’t have to make it even more apparent.

Wednesday, 3rd July

Today, we learnt how to do intramuscular injection. We practiced it on a dummy where we injected the needle into its deltoid muscle on its shoulder. We divided into two groups for 2 dummies. In my group, we had two syringes but the needle in one syrine broke so we had to share one. I held my breath when inserting the syringe perpendicularly into the dummy. Alhamdulillah, I did it well.

Thursday, 4th July

Our instructor drew this diagram to explain to us the arrangement of muscles, arteries and nerved in the anterior part of forearm. Such visualization really helps one in retaining information.

Friday, 5th July

I cam across these gorgeous flowers in my walk with my dog. I couldn’t help just staring at them.

Saturday, 6th July

Smile, as it improves other people’s mood as well as your own.

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11 replies on “Project 365 2019 – WEEK 27”

Those really are gorgeous flowers. It sounds like the volunteering is very rewarding and really making a difference to people. You must have been so relieved when you got your injection right!

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Sounds like your lecture went well, and the people’s response showed how much they learnt and appreciated it. It must be such a rewarding and memorable experience. Beautiful blooms, I wonder what they are, haven’t seen them before.

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