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Project 365 2019 – WEEK 26

Bismillah Hir Rahman Ir Raheem

Peace and blessings be upon you all

Hey, everyone! This week I’ll share with you the food I ate, made and saw this whole week so brace yourselves because you might be tempted to reach out through your screen and take a bite.

Sunday, 23rd June

Mama was in the mood to serve us a wholesome delicious dish of lamb chops with french fries, vegetables and mushroom sauce. She made lasagne too but knowing me, I take a long time having these meal and by the end of it, I’m biting every piece of meat left on the bone with my tummy full.

Monday, 24th June

College has started and my typical weekday breakfast is what lies before you, although I don’t why my maid fried a kebab as well as that’s not part of my typical breakfast but it made the meal more filling and tasty. She also made a banana milkshake.

Tuesday, 25th June

Today I started planning as to when I’d make meringue cookies to serve at a charity bake sale that will take place on Thursday in my college, i.e to make them on Wednesday. I learnt how to make these cookies in a baking class I attended a few years ago. These are mine and my family’s favorite treat.

I went for a walk with my dog and bought the necessary ingredients during the walk from the market. It’s not a long recipe. Here’s the first page of the recipe (excuse my handwriting please, and shortening and ghee are the same thing).

Wednesday, 26th June

I started baking at 8pm and finished at 1pm, with an hour break of dinner and Isha prayer. I doubled the batch to make enough cookies for many people to try. The dough forms the base of the cookie, which is cut out by a cookie cutter. Then, the meringue is added on top of the cookie which is topped by chopped walnuts and raisins, or any topping you’d like.

Thursday, 27th June

Unfortunately, I forgot to take the pictures of the cookies so you’ll have to understand how they look like from the above tiny picture. I made 27 cookies. I put them in 3 boxes and took them with a tissue box and a big plate to serve. After a while of selling, I couldn’t find the plate. I kept asking around but no one would reply. By the end of the sale, I asked again and someone was using it to put biryani in plates. He cleaned it before giving it back to me, which was good of him. Each cookie cost Rs.50 and since all the cookies were sold, I managed to collect Rs.1350 for charity.

The food served at the bake sale included brownies, cupcakes, sandwiches, doughnuts and pasta which my friends made, pizza, biryani, lemonade and juice made from falsa.

It was a great day!

Friday, 28th June

I passed by a mango tree grown in someone’s lawn while I was walking my dog. It looked interesting.

Saturday, 29th June

I had chicken with gravy the whole week so I wanted to have some vegetables. This is my lunch that I just had an hour ago; a flatbread (roti/chapati) with cooked cauliflower, potatoes and one bit of chicken (from the chicken with gravy) . When I was little, I loved cauliflower because of its taste and that it looked like tiny trees. I still love them for that reason today.

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By Andale Seaworne

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18 replies on “Project 365 2019 – WEEK 26”

Thanks. They don’t seem to change colour. This is the most ripe that they will become. There’s another tree in front of our house that grows mangoes to this size. Beyond that, they fall from the tree


I like how you have concentrated on food this week. I think I will do the same – it would be interesting to see and may make me eat healthier! I would love a mango tree unfortantely its far too cold for them to grow here.

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I’m very nosey about what the other people eat and cook. The meringue cookies sound fabulous. I do the same with printed recipes, adding my own variations and changes. Big well done on raising good money for charity with your bakes!

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