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Project 365 2019 – WEEK 24 – TRIP TO HUNZA

Bismillah Hir Rahman Ir Raheem

Peace and blessings be upon you all.

Usually, I tend to forget to take pictures for this project because of how absorbed I am in college work. But since I’m on holidays and I travelled this week, I have dozens of pictures of everyday. It’s now tough to decide which picture to post per day among many pictures in my camera roll. So here we go & I hope you all had a great week:

Sunday, 9th June

We were a group of 11 people that went to Hunza together, which included my family, and a few relatives and friends. We left on Friday from Islamabad and stayed over at Besham at night. Then on Saturday, we left Besham for Hunza (scroll down to see the map) . The first journey was 8 hours long. The second journey was 14 hours long and we reached by late 11pm! So you can imagine how energetic we were on the next day when we went further north to Khunjerab Pass.

This is a view opposite the pass as I really admire the snow-capped mountains. We wore warm clothes but I didn’t realise how cold the wind would be and I didn’t have any ear muffs or warm cap to wear. The wind was so cold it made my ears and head hurt. A friend lent me her scarf to wrap around my head, making me look like a cute hijabi.

We also went to Hussaini Suspension Bridge, one of the most dangerous bridges in the world.

Monday, 10th June

The next day we went to Attabad Lake which is on the way between where we stayed and Khunjerab Pass. According to history, a couple of years ago, this lake was essentially Hunza River but a huge landslide blocked it from flowing downstream. The River still flows now downstream through Nagar valley but the upstream portion became secluded, forming a lake. Due to the blockade, a massive flood occured which destroyed an entire village. You can still see shafts of narrow trees emerging from the lake whose roots are embedded deep underground where the village was.

It was quite cold and windy there too but not as much as yesterday. We took a speed boat ride across the lake. I sat at the front of the boat, where all the waves moving against us collided with the boat, sending gushes after gushes of water all over me. I had to use Mama’s shawl to protect myself. The boat driver was very friendly and told us a lo about Hunza.

We also went to Duikar View Point at sunrise where we saw a panoramic view of the beautiful city, and Altit Fort.

Tuesday, 11th June

The next day, it rained so much from last night till 1 in the afternoon. As soon as the weather cleared, we headed for Rakaposhi, a mountain in Hunza. Due to the rain, the road was blocked for about half an hour due to landslide. It continuously rained after we reached Rakaposhi. There wasn’t much to do there but there was a lovely view of the mountain and stream. I recalled everything I could remember about geography and was amazed at seeing what I learnt throughout the trip. I bought an amethyst ring from there.

Wednesday, 12th June

The next day, we were supposed to head south to Naran but due to extensive rain last night, there were multiple landslides so the road was blocked. We had no choice but to spend the whole day at Gilgit. We stayed at a nice motel with a big lawn with a lovely view of the city, although it does require improvements. A friend of my sibling gave us a tour of the city. Our travel group played cards together and at night, another friend of my sibling came all the way from Hunza, with his guitar like instrument called rubab, which he played and we all jammed to our local songs. We were so vibrant and loud that almost everyone was observing us. Even the motel workers joined us and clapped with us.

We prayed for rain not to come. Alas, it came again.

Thursday, 13th June

Due to excessive rain, there were multiple landslides and we had to stop and move very slowly multiple times. Some impatient and rude drivers tried to overtake others many times on the narrow road; but they would always be surrounded by an angry mob of people that stayed in their lanes. This turned an 8 hour journey to Besham into a 14 hour journey. By the time we reached, it was 1am and I just fell on the bed, immediately ready to sleep.

Friday, 14th June

We reached home by around 7pm. This is a picture of one of the tunnels being constructed by Chinese for CPEC (China Pakistan Economic Corridor).

Saturday, 15th June

This is the map at the hotel in Besham where we stayed at. It shows the course of our trip. We journeyed from Islamabad to Besham via Hasan Abdal and Abbottabad. Then we went from there to Hunza via Dassu and Chilas. We had to take the longer route because Babusar Pass was blocked.

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