Project 365

Project 365 2019 – WEEK 18

Bismillah Hir Rahman Ir Raheem

Assalam Alaikum. Peace be upon you all.

I apologize for missing out on Week 17 of this project. That week was extremely hectic and depressing for me. I had a module exam that went alright, a practical exam that went really bad; so bad I’m praying that I pass, because I worked hard to prepare for it but during the exam, it felt like my mind was just floating over every station and random words were coming out of my mouth. Then I spent the weekend ruminating on all my mistakes (not healthy, I know, but when the mind flows, it flows endlessly).

So here goes another week of existence:

Sunday, 28th April

World Hand Hygiene day is coming soon and there’s a function that will be held on Saturday that I’m attending along with a few other people of VFAHT. Here’s a reminder of how to properly clean your hands for everyone to protect yourself and others from easily preventable but dangerous infections like typhoid, influenza, gastrointestinal and nosocomial infections.

Monday, 29th April

Today, we learnt the anatomy of the hip bone. We learnt how an adult hip bone consists of three bones; ilium, ischium and pubis, and all the markings, site of attachment of muscles, site of fusion of the three bones that occurs as a child matures, sites of attachment of muscles, etc. It was very interesting to know the characteristics of my bone that I can touch and feel.

Tuesday, 30th April

Because how else can one understand anatomy without this buddy hanging around?

Wednesday, 1st May

A student and I made a poster for World Hand Hygiene Day, where we tried to show different ways in which hands can be infected, along with a table of possible infections and a table of how to properly wash one’s hands. When I signed up for making a poster, I immediately and wholeheartedly regretted it the next few days so much that it made me very anxious. I kept beating myself up for signing up for something I wasn’t sure I was interested in and could give enough time for.

But when I finally told myself to shut up and focus, I managed to spend a whole day painting the whole poster. I think I did a pretty good job.

Thursday, 2nd May

Mama got me a toy that reflects her and my family’s weirdness. Love her for that. In addition, I got a tiny skeleton to study anatomy on.

Friday, 3rd May

Here is the poster of the event I was talking about. It will take place at Islamabad Club (a fancy club).

Saturday, 4th May

Here are pictures of the event I attended today. It went alright. I learnt a lot about the importance of hand washing and that we’re among the top countries that have a lot of common infections being spread via unclean hands.! In addition, it was unfortunately shocking to know that a lot of such infections are spread by doctors who approach patients without properly cleaning their hands, even if they do so. Nurses are more wary of hygiene than doctors. I’ll make it an important habit of my life to keep my hands clean at all costs, now and when I’ll be a doctor Inshallah. Because it’s quite hypocritical if one is in a line of work to protect people from diseases and yet is the main person that causes those diseases.

However, the event was more for the doctors present. I enjoy listening to talks where I can learnt something but it’s sad when it’s beyond my level of understanding. But I’m proud to know there are a lot of people working on promoting hygiene in the workplace and the community.

Below are the posters presented into the competition.

You are invited to the Inlinkz link party!

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By Andale Seaworne

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Sorry to hear about the test that didn’t go too well. Your poster looks really good! It must have been shocking to learn that doctors aren’t always that good at washing their hands.

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