Project 365

Project 365 2019 – WEEK 16

Bismillah Hir Rahman Ir Raheem

Assalam Alaikum. Peace be upon you all

I hope you all had a great week. Here’s how mine went:

Sunday, 14th April

Another beautiful view of my beautiful city from Express Highway that goes directly to Faisal Masjid.

Monday, 15th April

Today, we learnt how to identify four types of tonsils from the dissected head of a cadaver. It was quite fascinating to see an actual dead human part in front of me.

Cadavers are stored in formin which helps to preserve it, although it gives a stingy, odd odour. In our IPE (Integrated Practical Examination), we will be asked to identify the tonsils on a cadaver and a model.

Tuesday, 16th April

Today, we were shown a spleen and how to identify different features of it. It is located in the upper left abdomen between the 9th and 11th vertebrae between the diaphragm, colon, kidney and stomach.

The words labelled above indicate the different impressions on the spleen due to its close contact with neighboring organs such as the kidney, colon, tail of pancreas and the stomach. It was quite spongy and fascinating to squeeze, touch and hold. The Formin smelt like milk today.

Wednesday, 17th April

Here is a microscopic examination of a spleen. The blue portions indicate lymph nodes and the white pulp responsible for immunity while the remainder is the red pulp that filters out old red blood cells from the blood.

Thursday, 18th April

Today, we were told to determine our own bleeding time, i.e time taken for blood to clot after a minor injury of a needle prick.

I pricked my needle thrice but not enough blood seemed to come out and my bleeding timw would be 45 seconds. One of my friend helped by pricking my finger herself, which resulted in a large stream of blood coming out, resulting in a bleeding time of 2mins and 45 seconds and a very panicked friend continuously apologizing to me for pricking me so hard. I consoled her for a while.

Meanwhile, another friend of mine was unable to prick himself. I tried to console him by telling him to breathe and that this is a tiny hurdle that you need to overcome if you’re going to be a doctor. It’s just a small prick and he could do it. After I prayed Zuhr and came across him again, he said he couldn’t do it. Oh well, pricking yourself isn’t necessarily fun if once considers stabbing themselves crazy.

Friday, 19th April

Our college took us to a blood bank where they showed us all the equipment they used during blood sampling and testing such as centrifuge machines, blood typing machines, two screening machines (sertology and NAT) and the fridge/freezer containers where they keep the separated components of blood (red blood cells, platelets, plasma).

Saturday, 20th April

My family and I left home at around noon to go out hiking to a lake, Bruti, that Mama found on a Travel group on Facebook. It was a half an hour hike which was tiresome but fun. The trickiness and care involved in hiking in slopped and sandy to rocky trails was exciting.

We reached the lake but alot of men were there swimming so I felt it was not suitable to take a picture there, although the lake was pretty; clear blue with a tiny waterfall.

The picture above is a location downstream where the water kind of slowed down and there was a place for us to dip our hot feet into the cold water.

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By Andale Seaworne

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8 replies on “Project 365 2019 – WEEK 16”

That head is pretty horrible, but it makes sense that you would learn from the real thing. I hope your friend gets used to pricking himself soon. It must have been interesting to visit the blood bank.

Liked by 1 person

Lots of study going on, I am not sure if I could prick myself either other than if I needed to like when I was diabetic during my last pregnancy. The lake sounds lovely. I must see if theres some local travel groups on facebook for where we live!

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Yeah. For me, pricking is easy but when i can’t get enough blood out for testing then it gets hard. There could be travel groups. The group i’m in, people share info of local and international sites to travel so i get alot of info of where to go and what i should prepare beforehand to go there


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