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Project 365 2019 – WEEK 13

Bismillah Hir Rahman Ir Raheem

Welcome to another week of a Photo a Day for Project 365! I hope you all had a great week because I had

Sunday, 24th March

I have a module test tomorrow which is quite tough and has alot of syllabus. But I had Wednesday onwards to prepare for it and since I missed the parade and I spent all these couple of days studying, I needed to get out of the house.

I went with my family to Shah Allah Dita cave, a Buddhist cave in D-12. It was a fun trip and the location was beautiful, as well as the view of the hills of Islamabad. However, the cave wasn’t very deep and there wasn’t any information related to the history of the cave given.

There were a few restaurants present where we ate. One of them organised activities such as paint ball, archery, zip line and hiking which was kool. In addition, the manager of the restaurant planned with others to organise tours for people to see the cave and other sites such as Taxila Museum which is a great initiative. I hope it works out.

I returned home at 8pm and stayed up till 2am to prepare for the test.

Monday, 25th March

Here’s a random strange portrait to rattle your brains.

My test went weird. I’m not sure how it went but I’m glad that it is over. The next module is Haematology – study of the blood.

Tuesday, 26th March

This pamphlet and magazine were given to people during the parade. In addition, two small boxes of cereal were given which was quite strange. Perhaps the organisers of the parade were concerned whether people had their breakfast or not since they had reached the venue by 7am.

Wednesday, 27th March

Sports Week started yesterday. Finally, all the hard work spent on preparing for this day could be of use. It was pretty hot and many people had very low expectations of the event, whereas I kept an open mind. However, their expectations turned out to be true.

None of the matches went according to time as there would usually be one referee for multiple events. But even for events where the referee was only incharge of one event, the matches were dragged. Furthermore, the person holding the mike had a sick sense of hunour that made me want to squeeze his throat for saying rude jokes like “The girls are lining up for the race. They look very weak, haven’t they had breakfast? Whoever wins, I will give them breakfast.”

Today we had a (delayed) Futsal match where we surprisingly won 2-1 while my team and I are still learning how to play Futsal. We lost in the first match of Basketball and Volleyball whereas we had more practice of both of them.

Thursday, 28th March

View of Jinnah Stadium in Pakistan Sports Complex, where racing, futsal, football and tug of war took place. Unfortunately, we didn’t win Futsal but we lost to a score of 0-1 which I’m proud of and had fun playing.

I waited with my friends to watch our boys’ basketball game but due to disorganisation of the event, basketball semis & finals didn’t even take place as they had to begin the closing ceremony. There were hours of time where the matches could be conducted but they weren’t.

But overall, it was a fun event.

Friday, 29th March

I finally got time to reconnect with my spiritual self and with Allah. I spent a good couple of hours listening to and reading Quran and its Tafseer which felt really good. This picture shows the last few ayats of Surah Al Kahf, the 18th Surah of the Quran, which are a few of my favorite ayats.

Saturday, 30th March

This is a poster I made this week for VFAHT – Volunteer Force Against Hepatitis Transmission, (the organisation whose event, VCON, I attended previously which I mentioned in a previous Project 365 post). We went to a shelter called Apna Shelter where we educated children about tuberculosis, i.e what it is, how it’s transmitted, its symptoms, prevention and need to go to a doctor when they suspect it.

The children were very excited and it was fun to talk to them and play with them. Many of them wanted to join the army, a couple of them wanted to be Superman whereas one wanted to be Batman (I wonder how this Batman vs Superman will turn out) and one wanted to be a teacher.

After educating the students, we gave them sandwiches and juices. We all had a fun time.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

So that’s how my week went. How was yours? Do let me know in the comments.

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11 replies on “Project 365 2019 – WEEK 13”

Is that you in the photo talking to the children? The look very attentive. I hope you get decent results in your test. What a shame the sports week was badly organised. It should have been a nice break for everyone and the insulting jokes definitely weren’t necessary!

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Thank you. Yeah, thats how the areas are classed. Islamabad ia divided into sectors in reference to Margalla Hills. So if u view from the hills, then the sectors are numbered from left to right in increasing order from 1 to 13ish and then from close to Margalla Hills to away from it, they are categorised in letters from A to I sector. So when u combine the letters and numbers they form a sector, like D12 or E11 which are located diagonally to each other


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