Project 365

PROJECT 365 2019 – WEEK 3

Here’s to another week and the beginning of my 5 years of MBBS:

Sunday, 13th Jan

Had to wake up at 7:45am in the morning to get ready for this. My parents attending the ceremony. We got white coats and a bag with all the introductory information like timetable for the week, books, prospectus, rules, an oath book, a pen, etc. The Principal gave a small speech. Then we all read the oath from the book then wrote our names and signed on it.

At one point, all 90 approx students of our batch including me went one by one to the stage and introduced ourself by name, city and high school. One student said that he came to this college to achieve miracles and we all clapped and hooted for him! 😁

Then we took a batch photo on the thin stage. A few people had to stand off and in front of the stage. They threw our bags we put on the chairs to a place because they needed the chairs. Thankfully I put my handbag in my bag so i found it easily.

I really wanted to have Kashmiri chai from the snack area but Baba wanted to go home so we left 😊

Monday, 14th Jan

This is the only obligatory part of my uniform. I have to wear it all the time, in class and in the lab. Although our 3rd years don’t seem to care about it as we don’t see them wearing it often.

First day of college went well. The professors and facilitators seemed nice and so did my batch mates. I met the girls only as that’s how I’m comfortable with going. The boys and girls are kind of segregated in class but we can interact otherwise.

The chairs were pretty uncomfortable. Then to top it off, I started having cramps in the last lecture and all I could do was squirm in pain. Thankfully we got free half an hour before usual time so I lived.

I also learnt that, sadly, chicks die easily…….

Tuesday, 15th Jan

Say hello to one of the Anatomy books on the list of books I need to get. We call it KLM for short (as the main author is Keith L. Moore). It’s quite thick but body movements and anatomical planes chapter is easy. Although we’re getting confused as to which topics to study from which book as the topics are linked to physiology and histology as well.

Wednesday, 16th Jan

Got tickets to watch a play in Pakistan National Council of Arts in F-5, Islamabad. Really looking forward to it as Sarmat Khoosat (the man on the left) and Samiya Mumtaz (the women on the right) are famous actors. You can tell from Sarmat Khoosat’s acting in Manto as Manto (a famous poet), and Samiya Mumtaz in hit drama serials, Udaari and Sadkey Tumhatey. Really looking fotward to it on 20th January (a day before my birthday 😁)

Thursday, 17th Jan

Made a few epithelium layers with the histo-pencils. Purple colour is used to indicate nucleus while the pink is used for everything else. While looking at other people’s drawings, I’m wondering that mine looks quite pale. Also, I was preparing for a Viva (oral test) for the next day. And I got a topic to give a PowerPoint presentation on: “Career counselling”. Any tips related to it, as your experience being a client or a counsellor would be very helpful.

Friday, 18th Jan

The foreground is the colony I’m living in whereas the background shows houses of people living outside my colony. Kids tend to fly kites on their roofs while the winds carried them to our side so we see a lot of astray kites here and there like the one in the picture.

Saturday, 19th Jan

Because what’s life if it is not taken seriously?

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

How did your week go?

Write down in the comments.

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